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Paragraphs in "Tripartite Interim Agreement Between The Republic Of Mozambique And The Republic Of South Africa And The Kingdom Of Swaziland For Cooperation On The Protection And Sustainable Utilization Of The Water Resources Of The Incomati And Maputo Watercourses" coded as AMND

Label Provision
Art.16 Article 16
Art.16.1x The Annexes are an integral part of this Agreement. Annexes I, II, III, IV and V can be modified by a decision of the Ministers upon recommendation by the TPTC.
Art.18 Article 18
Art.18.1 (1) This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of the last notification to the Depositary of this Agreement of the fulfilment of the internal procedure for the conclusion of international agreements.
Art.18.2 (2) This Agreement shall remain in force until 2010 or until superseded for the relevant watercourse by comprehensive water agreements on the Incomati and Maputo watercourses supported by joint studies, whichever is the earlier. The Parties shall adhere to the time frames set out in Annex V.
Art.18.3 (3) This Agreement may be amended at any time by mutual consent of the Parties, by an exchange of notes between the Parties through the diplomatic channels. The date of entry into force shall be the date of the last notification.