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Paragraphs in "Tripartite Interim Agreement Between The Republic Of Mozambique And The Republic Of South Africa And The Kingdom Of Swaziland For Cooperation On The Protection And Sustainable Utilization Of The Water Resources Of The Incomati And Maputo Watercourses" coded as HOBS

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Art.5 Article 5
Art.5.1 (1) The joint body for co-operation between the Parties shall be the TPTC.
Art.5.2 (2) The TPTC shall exercise the powers established in this Agreement, as well as those conferred by the Parties, in order to pursue the objectives and provisions established herein.
Art.5.3 (3) For the purpose of implementation of this Agreement the TPTC shall meet at least twice a year.
Art.5.4 (4) The official working languages for the purpose of implementation of this Agreement shall be English and Portuguese.
Art.5.5 (5) After the entry into force of this Agreement, the TPTC shall adopt, by consensus, rules of procedure which will govern its meetings. Until such rules of procedure are adopted by the TPTC, those contained in the TPTC Agreement shall govern such sessions of the TPTC, taking into account the provisions of subArticles (3) and (4).