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Paragraphs in "Tripartite Interim Agreement Between The Republic Of Mozambique And The Republic Of South Africa And The Kingdom Of Swaziland For Cooperation On The Protection And Sustainable Utilization Of The Water Resources Of The Incomati And Maputo Watercourses" coded as INFO

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Art.4.1x.i (i) exchange information on the water resources quality and quantity, and the uses of water;
Art.7.2.a (a) the exchange of information on their respective experiences and perspectives; and
Art.10.3 (3) The Parties shall notify each other without delay and by the most expeditious means of any flood danger.
Art.11.1 (1) The Parties shall, without delay and by the most expeditious means available, notify other potentially affected Parties, the SADC organs or any other authorized institutions and competent international organisations of any incidents of accidental pollution and other emergency situations originating within their respective territories and shall promptly supply the necessary information to such affected Parties and competent organisations with a view to co-operate in the prevention, mitigation and elimination of the harmful effects of the emergency.
Art.12.1 (1) The Parties shall, within the TPTC, exchange available information and data regarding the hydrological, geohydrological, water quality, meteorological and environmental condition of the Incomati and Maputo watercourses to enable planning, development and management of these shared watercourses.
Art.12.2 (2) The Parties shall exchange data, information and study reports on the activities that are likely to cause significant transboundary impacts.
Art.12.4 (4) The Parties shall exchange information and consult each other and if necessary, negotiate the possible effects of planned measures on the condition of the Incomati and Maputo watercourses. The Parties shall employ their best efforts to collect and where appropriate, to process data and information in a manner, which facilitates its utilisation by the other Party to which it is communicated.
Art.12.5 (5) If a Party is requested by another Party to provide data or any information in subArticles (1) and (2), and that information is not readily available, it shall employ its best efforts to comply with the request but may condition its compliance upon payment by the requesting Party of the reasonable costs of collecting and where appropriate processing such data or information.
Art.12.6 (6) The Parties shall provide one another, at intervals agreed to by the TPTC, information on the use, quantity and quality of the water resources and the ecological state of the Incomati and Maputo watercourses necessary for the implementation of this Agreement.
Art.12.8 (8) The Parties shall create the necessary conditions to ensure that, in conformity with applicable domestic law or International Law, information on matters covered by this Agreement is available to whoever makes a reasonable request.