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Paragraphs in "ASEAN Agreement On Transboundary Haze Pollution" coded as REVW

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Art.18 Article 18
Art.18.1 1. A Conference of the Parties is hereby established. The first meeting of the Conference of the Parties shall be convened by the Secretariat not later than one year after the entry into force of this Agreement. Thereafter, ordinary meetings of the Conference of the Parties shall be held at least once every year, in as far as possible in conjunction with appropriate meetings of ASEAN.
Art.18.2 2. Extraordinary meetings shall be held at any other time upon the request of one Party provided that such request is supported by at least one other Party.
Art.18.3 3. The Conference of the Parties shall keep under continuous review and evaluation the implementation of this Agreement and to this end shall:
Art.18.3.a a. Take such action as is necessary to ensure the effective implementation of this Agreement;
Art.18.3.b b. Consider reports and other information which may be submitted by a Party directly or through the Secretariat;
Art.18.3.c c. Consider and adopt protocols in accordance with the Article 21 of this Agreement;
Art.18.3.d d. Consider and adopt any amendment to this Agreement;
Art.18.3.e e. Adopt, review and amend as required any Annexes to this Agreement;
Art.18.3.f f. Establish subsidiary bodies as may be required for the implementation of this Agreement; and
Art.18.3.g g. Consider and undertake any additional action that may be required for the achievement of the objective of this Agreement.