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Paragraphs in "Convention For Cooperation In The Protection And Sustainable Development Of The Marine And Coastal Environment Of The Northeast Pacific" coded as RESV

Label Provision
Art.24 ARTICLE 24
Art.24.1x Reservations to this Convention shall only be allowed in respect of matters concerning the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Contracting Parties and interpretative statements to the Convention.
Art.27 ARTICLE 27
Art.27.1 1. At any time after two years from the date on which this Convention has entered into force for a Contracting Party, that Party may withdraw from the Convention.
Art.27.2 2. Such withdrawal shall be made by giving written notification to the Executive Secretariat, which shall immediately inform the Contracting Parties thereof.
Art.27.3 3. Any such withdrawal shall take effect six (6) months after the date of notification of the Depositary.