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Paragraphs in "Convention For Cooperation In The Protection And Sustainable Development Of The Marine And Coastal Environment Of The Northeast Pacific" coded as SECF

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Art.14 ARTICLE 14
Art.14.1x For the purposes of the administration and implementation of this Convention, the Contracting Parties shall designate the organization responsible for carrying out the functions of the Executive Secretariat of the Convention. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) shall carry out such functions until such designation is formalized. In the meeting held for that purpose, the geographical seat of the Executive Secretariat shall be designated, as well as the procedure and funding for the execution of that function.
Art.15 ARTICLE 15
Art.15.1 1. The Contracting Parties shall hold ordinary and extraordinary meetings.
Art.15.2 2. The first meeting of the Contracting Parties shall be convened by the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme not later than one year after the entry into force of this Convention.
Art.15.3 3. Ordinary meetings shall be held every two years, in conjunction with the Intergovernmental Meeting (General Authority) of the Action Plan for the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Marine and Coastal Environment of the Northeast Pacific. The Executive Secretariat shall convene such meetings sixty (60) days before the date of the meeting.
Art.15.4 4. Extraordinary meetings shall be convened by the Executive Secretariat at the request of any Contracting Party, provided that within six months of such a request being communicated to the Contracting Parties, it is supported by at least one third of them. The Executive Secretariat may also request the convening of extraordinary meetings, conditional on receiving the unanimous agreement of the Contracting Parties.
Art.15.5 5. In their first meeting, the Contracting Parties shall adopt the rules of procedure for meetings of the Contracting Parties to the Convention.
Art.15.5.a (a) Decisions of the Contracting Parties shall be adopted by consensus, except in cases where the rules of procedure for meetings of Contracting Parties establish voting as the form of adopting decisions.
Art.15.6 6. The meetings of the Contracting Parties shall have the function of keeping under continuous review the implementation of this Convention and its protocols, and in particular:
Art.15.6.a (a) The extent to which the Contracting Parties implement the provisions of the Convention, the effectiveness of the measures adopted and the need to undertake any additional action that may be required for the achievement of the purposes of this Convention and its protocols, including their institutional and financial aspects;
Art.15.6.b (b) To assess periodically the status of the environment in the area of application of the Convention;
Art.15.6.c (c) To revise and amend this Convention;
Art.15.6.d (d) To consider, adopt, revise and amend the protocols and their annexes;
Art.15.6.e (e) To establish such working groups as are deemed necessary to review any question related to this Convention, its protocols and annexes;
Art.15.6.f (f) The undertaking of any other function that may contribute to the achievement of the purposes of this Convention.
Art.17 ARTICLE 17
Art.17.1 1. Any Contracting Party may propose amendments to this Convention or its protocols. Such amendments shall be adopted at a meeting of the Contracting Parties convened by the Executive Secretariat at the request of a Contracting Party.
Art.17.2 2. Amendments to this Convention and its protocols shall be adopted by consensus of the Contracting Parties.
Art.17.3 3. Amendments shall be subject to ratification or accession and shall enter into force in the form established for the Convention and its protocols respectively to enter into force.
Art.19 ARTICLE 19
Art.19.1x The Contracting Parties shall transmit reports to the Executive Secretariat about the measures adopted for the implementation of this Convention and its additional protocols, in the form and with the frequency determined in its meetings. The Executive Secretariat shall circulate these reports to the Contracting Parties.