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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The Conservation Of Albatrosses And Petrels" coded as FINPR

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Art.4.1 1. Effective implementation of this Agreement requires assistance to be provided to some Range States, including through research, training or monitoring for implementation of conservation measures for albatrosses and petrels and their habitats, for the management of those habitats as well as for the establishment or improvement of scientific and administrative institutions for the implementation of this Agreement.
Art.4.2 2. The Parties shall give priority to capacity building, through funding, training, information and institutional support, for the implementation of the Agreement.
Art.7.1 1. Each Party shall:
Art.7.1.a a) designate an Authority or Authorities to undertake, monitor and control all activities carried on with a view to the supervision, application and enforcement of this Agreement. Such Authority or Authorities shall, inter alia, monitor all activities that may have an impact on the conservation status of those albatross and petrel species for which the Party is a Range State;
Art.7.1.b b) designate a Contact Point and communicate without delay its name and address to the Secretariat to be circulated forthwith to the other Parties; and
Art.7.1.c c) in relation to each ordinary session of the Meeting of the Parties, beginning with the second session, provide information through the Secretariat to the Advisory Committee so that it may prepare a synthesised report on the implementation of the Agreement, with particular reference to the conservation measures undertaken, in accordance with Article IX (6)
Art.7.1.d d). Such an Authority or Authorities and Contact Point shall be the central Government Ministry or agency, as the case may be, responsible for the administration of this Agreement.
Art.7.2.a 2. a) Decisions relating to the budget and any scale of contributions shall be adopted by the Meeting of the Parties by consensus, having regard to the differing resources of the different Parties.
Art.7.2.b b) If consensus cannot be reached, the previously approved budget shall continue to apply until superseded by a new, agreed budget.
Art.7.2.c c) Following the accession of any new Party, the Meeting of the Parties shall, at its next session, review and replace the scale of contributions unless it agrees such review and replacement to be inappropriate.
Art.7.3 3. The Meeting of the Parties may establish a fund from voluntary contributions of Parties or from any other source for the purpose of work relating to the conservation of albatrosses and petrels, including monitoring, research, technical development, training, education and habitat management. No surcharge shall be levied on such voluntary contributions or on such a fund to meet administrative overheads of the Secretariat or any organisation providing services to it.
Art.7.4 4. The Parties shall, in support of their obligations under Article IV, endeavour to provide training, technical and financial support to other Parties on a multilateral or bilateral basis to assist them in implementing the provisions of this Agreement. No surcharge shall be levied on the costs of such training, technical or financial support to meet administrative overheads of the Secretariat or any organisation providing services to it.
Art.7.5 5. A fund may be used to meet expenses related to the participation of Party representatives in sessions of the Meeting of the Parties and the Advisory Committee. This shall not preclude such expenses being met by other arrangements, bilateral or otherwise.