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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The Conservation Of Albatrosses And Petrels" coded as REVW

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Art.6.1 1. Annex 2 of this Agreement shall have effect as an Action Plan for the achievement and maintenance of a favourable conservation status for albatrosses and petrels.
Art.6.2 2. With due consideration to the capabilities of Parties to implement such actions, and with specific reference to Article IV, the Action Plan shall at all times set out the actions that the Parties shall progressively undertake in relation to albatrosses and petrels, consistent with the general conservation measures specified in Article III, including:
Art.6.2.a a) species conservation;
Art.6.2.b b) habitat conservation and restoration;
Art.6.2.c c) management of human activities;
Art.6.2.d d) research and monitoring;
Art.6.2.e e) collation of information;
Art.6.2.f f) education and public awareness; and
Art.6.2.g g) implementation.
Art.6.3 3. Progress in implementing the Action Plan shall be assessed at each ordinary session of the Meeting of the Parties and the content of the Action Plan reviewed in light of that assessment.
Art.6.4 4. The Meeting of Parties shall consider any proposed amendment to the Action Plan in the light of the provisions of Article III before deciding on its adoption in accordance with Article XII.