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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The Conservation Of Albatrosses And Petrels" coded as SBF

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Art.9.1 1. The Meeting of the Parties shall establish an Advisory Committee ("the Committee") to provide expert advice and information to Parties, the Secretariat and others.
Art.9.2 2. Each Party shall be entitled to appoint one member to the Committee. Each Committee member may be accompanied by one or more advisers.
Art.9.3 3. The Committee may invite other experts to attend its meetings. It may establish working groups.
Art.9.4 4. The Parties shall seek to support the expenses of experts attending meetings of the Committee so as to optimise the contributions of all Parties to achieving the objective of the Agreement.
Art.9.5 5. The Committee shall elect a Chair and Vice-chair and establish its own rules of procedure.
Art.9.6 6. The Committee shall:
Art.9.6.a a) provide scientific, technical and other advice and information to the Meeting of the Parties and, through the Secretariat, to the Parties;
Art.9.6.b b) endorse a standard reference text listing the taxonomy and maintain a listing of taxonomic synonyms for all species covered by the Agreement;
Art.9.6.c c) make recommendations to the Meeting of the Parties concerning the Action Plan, implementation of the Agreement and further research to be carried out;
Art.9.6.d d) prepare a report to each ordinary Meeting of the Parties after the first on the implementation of the Agreement, with particular reference to the Action Plan and the conservation measures undertaken. Each such report shall include a synthesis of such information as Parties are required to submit to the Committee through the Secretariat under Article VII (1) c), and an assessment of the status and trends of albatross and petrel populations, but:
Art.9.6.d.i i) the format of such reports from the Committee shall be determined by the first session of the Meeting of the Parties and reviewed as may be necessary at any subsequent session of the Meeting of the Parties; and the nature of the information to be provided by the Parties shall be determined by the Committee at its first meeting, subject to any direction from the Meeting of the Parties, and reviewed as may be necessary at any subsequent meeting; and
Art.9.6.d.ii ii) each such report from the Committee shall be submitted to the Secretariat not less than one hundred and twenty days before the ordinary session of the Meeting of the Parties at which it is to be discussed; and, subject to any direction from the Meeting of the Parties, the Committee may set such prior time limits for the submission of information by Parties for this purpose as it may from time to time see fit;
Art.9.6.e e) submit to the Secretariat for circulation to the Parties, not less than one hundred and twenty days before each ordinary session of the Meeting of the Parties, a report on its own activities;
Art.9.6.f f) develop a system of indicators to measure the collective success of the Parties to the Agreement in addressing the objective set out in Article II (1), and subsequently apply it in the reports made under paragraph 6(d) of this Article; and
Art.9.6.g g) carry out any other appropriate tasks referred to it by the Meeting of the Parties.
Art.9.7 7. Where, in the opinion of the Committee, there has arisen an emergency that requires the adoption of immediate measures to avoid deterioration of the conservation status of one or more albatross or petrel species, the Committee may request the Secretariat to convene urgently a meeting of the Parties concerned. These Parties shall meet as soon as possible thereafter to establish a mechanism with a view to giving protection to the species identified as being subject to a threat. Where a recommendation has been adopted at such a meeting, the Parties concerned shall inform each other and the Secretariat of the measures they have taken to implement it, or of the reasons why the recommendation could not be implemented.
Art.9.8 8. The Committee may incur such expenditure from the budget of the Agreement as may be authorised by the Meeting of the Parties under Article VIII (12) e).
Art.14.1 1. Parties shall co-operate in order to avoid disputes.
Art.14.2 2. Where a dispute between two or more Parties is agreed to be of a technical nature, the Parties shall confer with each other and the Chair of the Advisory Committee with a view to resolving the dispute amicably. Where the Parties are unable to resolve the dispute within twelve months of the Chair having been informed in writing of the dispute by one of the parties, and prolongation of the dispute could, in the view of the Chair, have an adverse effect on the conservation status of albatrosses and petrels listed in this Agreement, they shall refer the dispute to a technical arbitration panel.
Art.14.3 3. The technical arbitration panel shall be established by the Chair of the Advisory Committee, in consultation with the Parties in dispute, and shall be drawn from members of the Advisory Committee, and such other experts as necessary. The panel shall confer with the Parties in dispute and endeavour to reach a final decision within five months of establishment of the panel. That decision shall be binding on the Parties in dispute.
Art.14.4 4. The procedures relating to technical arbitration panels and other procedures to resolve disputes shall be determined by the Meeting of the Parties.
Art.14.5 5. Any other dispute, that may arise between two or more Parties with respect specifically to the interpretation or application of this Agreement, shall be subject to the provisions of Article XIII of the Convention, which shall apply whether or not the Parties to the dispute are also Parties to the Convention.
Art.14.6 6. This Article does not preclude the application of the dispute settlement provisions of any other treaty in force between the Parties in dispute in relation to disputes covered by those provisions.