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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Conservation And Management Of Fishery Resources In The South East Atlantic Ocean" coded as AMND

Label Provision
Art.32 Article 32 Amendment
Art.32.1 1. Any Contracting Party may at any time propose amendments to this Convention.
Art.32.2 2. Any proposed amendment shall be notified in writing to the Executive Secretary at least 90 days prior to the meeting at which it is proposed to be considered, and the Executive Secretary shall promptly transmit the proposal to all Contracting Parties. Proposed amendments to the Convention shall be considered at the annual meeting of the Commission, unless a majority of the Contracting Parties request a special meeting to discuss the proposed amendment. A special meeting may be convened on not less than 90 days' notice.
Art.32.3 3. The text of any amendment adopted by the Commission shall be transmitted promptly by the Executive Secretary to all Contracting Parties.
Art.32.4 4. An amendment shall enter into force on the thirtieth day following the deposit of instruments of ratification, acceptance or approval thereof from all Contracting Parties.