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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Conservation And Management Of Fishery Resources In The South East Atlantic Ocean" coded as FINPR

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Art.21 Article 21 Recognition of the special requirements of developing States in the region
Art.21.1 1. The Contracting Parties shall give full recognition to the special requirements of developing States in the region in relation to conservation and management of fishery resources and the development of such resources.
Art.21.2 2. In giving effect to the duty to cooperate in the establishment of conservation and management measures for stocks covered by this Convention, the Contracting Parties shall take into account the special requirements of such developing States, in particular:
Art.21.2.a (a) the vulnerability of developing States in regions which are dependent on the exploitation of living marine resources, including for meeting the nutritional requirements of their populations or parts thereof;
Art.21.2.b (b) the need to avoid adverse impacts on, and ensure access to fisheries by, subsistence, small-scale and artisanal fishers and women fishworkers; and
Art.21.2.c (c) the need to ensure that such measures do not result in transferring, directly or indirectly, a disproportionate burden of conservation action onto developing States in the region.
Art.21.3 3. The Contracting Parties shall cooperate through the Commission and other subregional or regional organisations involved in the management of fishery resources:
Art.21.3.a (a) to enhance the ability of developing States in the region to conserve and manage fishery resources and to develop their own fisheries for such resources; and
Art.21.3.b (b) to assist developing States in the region which may fish for fishery resources, to enable them to participate in fisheries for such resources, including facilitating access in accordance with this Convention.
Art.21.4 4. Cooperation with developing States in the region for the purposes set out in this article shall include the provision of financial assistance, assistance relating to human resources development, technical assistance, transfer of technology, and activities directed specifically towards:
Art.21.4.a (a) improved conservation and management of the fishery resources covered by this Convention through collection, reporting, verification, exchange and analysis of fisheries data and related information;
Art.21.4.b (b) stock assessment and scientific research; and
Art.21.4.c (c) monitoring, control, surveillance, compliance and enforcement, including training and capacity-building at the local level, development and funding of national and regional observer programmes and access to technology and equipment.