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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Conservation And Management Of Fishery Resources In The South East Atlantic Ocean" coded as INFO

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Art.6.3.e (e) keep under review the status of stocks and gather, analyse and disseminate relevant information on stocks;
Art.6.3.l (l) compile and disseminate accurate and complete statistical data to ensure that the best scientific advice is available, while maintaining confidentiality, where appropriate;
Art.6.7 7. The Commission shall publish its conservation and management and control measures which are in force, and, as far as practicable, shall maintain records of other conservation and management measures in force in the Convention Area.
Art.10.4.a (a) consult, cooperate and encourage the collection, study and exchange of information relevant to the living marine resources of the Convention Area;
Art.10.4.f (f) transmit reports and recommendations to the Commission as directed, or on its own initiative, regarding conservation and management measures and research.
Art.13.1.a (a) collect and exchange scientific, technical and statistical data with respect to fisheries resources covered by this Convention;
Art.13.1.d (d) provide annually to the Organisation such statistical, biological and other data and information as the Commission may require;
Art.13.1.e (e) provide to the Organisation in the manner and at such intervals as may be required by the Commission, information concerning its fishing activities, including fishing areas and fishing vessels in order to facilitate the compilation of reliable catch and effort statistics; and
Art.13.1.f (f) provide to the Commission at such intervals as it may require information on steps taken to implement the conservation and management measures adopted by the Commission.
Art.13.2 2. Each coastal State shall, in respect of activities that occur in its area of national jurisdiction relating to straddling stocks of fishery resources, provide to the Organisation data required in accordance with paragraph 1.
Art.13.5 5. Each Contracting Party shall transmit to the Commission an annual statement of implementing and compliance measures, including imposition of sanctions for any violations, it has taken in accordance with this Article.
Art.13.7 7. Each coastal State shall regularly inform the Organisation of the measures they have adopted for fishery resources within areas of water under their national jurisdiction adjacent to the Convention Area.
Art.14.3.a (a) measures to ensure that a flag State investigates immediately and reports fully on actions taken in response to an alleged violation by a vessel flying its flag of measures adopted by the Commission;
Art.15.4 4. In the event that a port State considers that there has been a violation by a Contracting Party vessel of a conservation and management or control measure adopted by the Commission, the port State shall draw this to the attention of the flag State concerned and, as appropriate, the Commission. The port State shall provide the flag State and the Commission with full documentation of the matter, including any record of inspection. In such cases, the flag State shall transmit to the Commission details of actions it has taken in respect of the matter.
Art.19.2 2. For the purpose of paragraph 1, the coastal States and the Commission shall develop and agree on standards for reporting and exchanging data on fisheries for the stocks concerned as well as statistical data on the status of the stocks.
Art.19.3 3. Each Contracting Party shall keep the Commission informed of its measures and decisions taken in accordance with this Article.
Art.21.4 4. Cooperation with developing States in the region for the purposes set out in this article shall include the provision of financial assistance, assistance relating to human resources development, technical assistance, transfer of technology, and activities directed specifically towards:
Art.21.4.a (a) improved conservation and management of the fishery resources covered by this Convention through collection, reporting, verification, exchange and analysis of fisheries data and related information;
Art.21.4.b (b) stock assessment and scientific research; and
Art.21.4.c (c) monitoring, control, surveillance, compliance and enforcement, including training and capacity-building at the local level, development and funding of national and regional observer programmes and access to technology and equipment.
Art.22.2 2. Contracting Parties may exchange information between each other or through the Commission on, and shall inform the Commission of activities of, fishing vessels flying the flags of the non-parties to this Convention which are engaged in fishing operations in the Convention Area, and of any action taken in response to fishing by non-parties to this Convention. The Commission shall share information on such activities with other appropriate regional or subregional organisations and arrangements.
Art.23.1.a (a) the Executive Secretary shall notify promptly in writing all Contracting Parties of such a measure following its adoption by the Commission;
Art.23.1.c (c) if a Contracting Party, within 60 days following the notification specified in subparagraph (a), notifies the Commission that it is unable to accept a measure, that measure shall not, to the extent stated, be binding upon that Contracting Party; however, the measure shall remain binding on all other Contracting Parties unless the Commission decides otherwise;
Art.23.1.d (d) any Contracting Party which makes a notification under subparagraph (c) shall at the same time provide a written explanation of its reasons for making the notification and, where appropriate, its proposals for alternative measures which the Contracting Party is going to implement. The explanation shall specify inter alia whether the basis for the notification is that:
Art.23.1.e (e) the Executive Secretary shall promptly circulate to all Contracting Parties details of any notification and explanation received in accordance with subparagraphs (c) and (d);