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Paragraphs in "Agreement For The Establishment Of A Commission For Controlling The Desert Locust In The Western Region" coded as INFO

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Art.6.2 2. Each Member Nation of the Commission undertakes to provide the other Members of the Commission and its Secretary and FAO, using standard procedures and the quickest channels, all information on the locust situation and on the progress of surveys and control operations on its respective territory.
Art.6.3 3. The Member Nations undertake to provide the Commission with periodic reports on the measures they have taken to fulfill the obligations laid down in paragraphs 1 and 2, and to provide the Commission with any information that it may request for the satisfactory performance of its functions.
Art.7.2.a (a) communicate regularly to all the Member Nations updated information on the development of locust situations, research conducted, results obtained and programmes implemented at national, regional and international level in connection with desert locust control. The Commission shall take special care to ensure that an effective communication network is established among the Member Nations, and with the International Desert Locust Information Service at FAO, in Rome, so that all parties may promptly receive any information requested;
Art.7.3.b (b) enter into or encourage arrangements, through the Director-General of the Organization, with other Specialized Agencies of the United Nations system for common action on the study of locusts and desert locust control and for the mutual exchange of locust-related information.
Art.7.4.c (c) forward to the Director-General of the Organization (hereinafter "the Director-General") reports on its activities, programme, accounts and autonomous budget, and on any matter likely to require action on the part of the Council or Conference of FAO;
Art.8.7 7. The Commission may adopt and amend, by a two-thirds majority vote, its Financial Regulations which shall be consistent with the principles laid down in the Financial Regulations of FAO. The Financial Regulations and amendments thereto shall be communicated to the Finance Committee of the Organization which shall have the power to disallow them on the grounds of incompatibility with the principles set out in the Financial Regulations of FAO.
Art.9.1x When the situations referred to in Article VII(1)(d) and (e) require that urgent measures be taken during the interval between two sessions of the Commission, the Chairperson, upon the proposal of the Secretary, shall take the necessary measures, after consultation with the Members of the Commission by mail or any other rapid means of communication for a vote by correspondence.