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Paragraphs in "Agreement For The Establishment Of A Commission For Controlling The Desert Locust In The Western Region" coded as SBF

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Art.8.1 1. Each Member shall be represented at the sessions of the Commission by a single delegate, who may be accompanied by an alternate, experts and advisers. The alternates, experts and advisers may take part in the proceedings of the Commission but may only vote if duly authorized by the delegate.
Art.8.2 2. Each Member of the Commission shall have one vote. The decisions of the Commission shall be taken by a majority of the votes cast, except as otherwise provided for in this Agreement. A majority of the Members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum.
Art.8.3 3. The Commission may, by a two-thirds majority of its Members, adopt and amend its own Rules of Procedure, which shall be consistent with this Agreement and with the FAO Constitution. The Rules of Procedure and any amendment thereto shall come into force upon their adoption by the Commission.
Art.8.4 4. In accordance with the provisions of Article XIV (6) of this Agreement, any Member with arrears in the payment of its financial contributions to the Commission equal to or exceeding the amount of the contributions due from it for the two preceding financial years shall lose its right to vote.
Art.8.5 5. The Commission shall elect, at the beginning of each regular session, a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson from amongst the delegates. The Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson shall hold office until the beginning of the next regular session, and shall be eligible for re-election.
Art.8.6 6. The Chairperson shall convene a regular session of the Commission every two years. Special sessions of the Commission may be convened by the Chairperson if so requested by the Commission in regular session, by the Executive Committee or by at least one third of the Members during intervals between two regular sessions.
Art.8.7 7. The Commission may adopt and amend, by a two-thirds majority vote, its Financial Regulations which shall be consistent with the principles laid down in the Financial Regulations of FAO. The Financial Regulations and amendments thereto shall be communicated to the Finance Committee of the Organization which shall have the power to disallow them on the grounds of incompatibility with the principles set out in the Financial Regulations of FAO.
Art.8.8 8. The Director-General, or a representative designated by the Director-General, shall participate, without the right to vote, in all meetings of the Commission and the Executive Committee.
Art.8.9 9. The Commission may invite consultants and experts to participate in its proceedings.
Art.12.1x The Executive Committee shall:
Art.12.1x.a (a) make proposals to the Commission concerning policy matters and the Commission's programme of activities;
Art.12.1x.b (b) submit to the Commission the draft programmes of work and budget and the annual accounts of the Commission;
Art.12.1x.c (c) ensure the implementation of the policies and programmes approved by the Commission and take related necessary measures;
Art.12.1x.d (d) prepare the draft annual report of the activities of the Commission;
Art.12.1x.e (e) carry out such other functions as the Commission may delegate.
Art.22.1x Any dispute regarding the interpretation or application of this Agreement not settled by the Commission shall be referred to a Committee composed of one member appointed by each of the parties to the dispute and an independent Chairperson chosen by the members of this Committee. The recommendations of the Committee, while not binding in character, shall serve as the basis for renewed consideration by the parties concerned of the matter that occasioned the dispute. If this procedure fails to lead to settlement, the dispute shall be referred to the International Court of Justice in accordance with the Statute of the Court, unless the parties to the dispute agree to another method of settlement.