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Paragraphs in "European Landscape Convention" coded as INFO

Label Provision
Art.6.B.1x Each Party undertakes to promote:
Art.6.B.1x.a a training for specialists in landscape appraisal and operations;
Art.6.B.1x.b b multidisciplinary training programmes in landscape policy, protection, management and planning, for professionals in the private and public sectors and for associations concerned;
Art.6.B.1x.c c school and university courses which, in the relevant subject areas, address the values attaching to landscapes and the issues raised by their protection, management and planning.
Art.8.1x.a a to render each other technical and scientific assistance in landscape matters through the pooling and exchange of experience, and the results of research projects;
Art.8.1x.b b to promote the exchange of landscape specialists in particular for training and information purposes;
Art.8.1x.c c to exchange information on all matters covered by the provisions of the Convention.
Art.10.2 2 Following each meeting of the Committees of Experts, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe shall transmit a report on the work carried out and on the operation of the Convention to the Committee of Ministers.
Art.11.2 2 Applications for the Landscape award of the Council of Europe shall be submitted to the Committees of Experts mentioned in Article 10 by the Parties. Transfrontier local and regional authorities and groupings of local and regional authorities concerned, may apply provided that they jointly manage the landscape in question.
Art.11.3 3 On proposals from the Committees of Experts mentioned in Article 10 the Committee of Ministers shall define and publish the criteria for conferring the Landscape award of the Council of Europe, adopt the relevant rules and confer the Award.