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Paragraphs in "Convention on the Conservation and Management of the Highly Migratory Fish Stocks of the Western and Central Pacific Ocean" coded as ATTACH

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Art.6.1.a (a) apply the guidelines set out in Annex II of the Agreement, which shall form an integral part of this Convention, and determine, on the basis of the best scientific information available, stock-specific reference points and the action to be taken if they are exceeded;
Art.9.2 2. A fishing entity referred to in the Agreement, which has agreed to be bound by the regime established by this Convention in accordance with the provisions of Annex I, may participate in the work, including decision-making, of the Commission in accordance with the provisions of this article and Annex I.
Art.10.1.d (d) adopt standards for collection, verification and for the timely exchange and reporting of data on fisheries for highly migratory fish stocks in the Convention Area in accordance with Annex I of the Agreement, which shall form an integral part of this Convention;
Art.20.6 6. A member which has voted against a decision or which was absent during the meeting at which the decision was made may, within 30 days of the adoption of the decision by the Commission, seek a review of the decision by a review panel constituted in accordance with the procedures set out in Annex II to this Convention on the grounds that:
Art.23.2.a (a) provide annually to the Commission statistical, biological and other data and information in accordance with Annex I of the Agreement and, in addition, such data and information as the Commission may require;
Art.24.3.b (b) is operated on the high seas in the Convention Area in accordance with the requirements of Annex III, the requirements of which shall also be established as a general obligation of all vessels operating pursuant to this Convention.
Art.24.5 5. Each member of the Commission shall provide annually to the Commission, in accordance with such procedures as may be agreed by the Commission, the information set out in Annex IV to this Convention with respect to each fishing vessel entered in the record required to be maintained under paragraph 4 and shall promptly notify the Commission of any modifications to such information.
Art.28.6 6. The regional observer programme shall operate in accordance with the following guidelines and under the conditions set out in article 3 of Annex III of this Convention:
Art.29.4 4. Transhipment at sea in the Convention Area beyond areas under national jurisdiction shall take place only in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in article 4 of Annex III to this Convention, and any procedures established by the Commission pursuant to paragraph 3 of this article. Such procedures shall take into account the characteristics of the fishery concerned.
Art.41.1 1. The Annexes form an integral part of this Convention and, unless expressly provided otherwise, a reference to this Convention or to one of its Parts includes a reference to the Annexes relating thereto.
Art.41.2 2. The Annexes to this Convention may be revised from time to time and any member of the Commission may propose revisions to an Annex. Notwithstanding the provisions of article 40, if a revision to an Annex is adopted by consensus at a meeting of the Commission, it shall be incorporated in this Convention and shall take effect from the date of its adoption or from such other date as may be specified in the revision.