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Paragraphs in "Convention on the Conservation and Management of the Highly Migratory Fish Stocks of the Western and Central Pacific Ocean" coded as SECS

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Art.9 Article 9 Establishment of the Commission
Art.9.1 1. There is hereby established the Commission for the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean, which shall function in accordance with the provisions of this Convention.
Art.9.2 2. A fishing entity referred to in the Agreement, which has agreed to be bound by the regime established by this Convention in accordance with the provisions of Annex I, may participate in the work, including decision-making, of the Commission in accordance with the provisions of this article and Annex I.
Art.9.3 3. The Commission shall hold an annual meeting. The Commission shall hold such other meetings as may be necessary to carry out its functions under this Convention.
Art.9.4 4. The Commission shall elect a chairman and a vice-chairman from among the Contracting Parties, who shall be of different nationalities. They shall be elected for a period of two years and shall be eligible for re-election. The chairman and vice-chairman shall remain in office until the election of their successors.
Art.9.5 5. The principle of cost-effectiveness shall apply to the frequency, duration and scheduling of meetings of the Commission and its subsidiary bodies. The Commission may, where appropriate, enter into contractual arrangements with relevant institutions to provide expert services necessary for the efficient functioning of the Commission and to enable it to carry out effectively its responsibilities under this Convention.
Art.9.6 6. The Commission shall have international legal personality and such legal capacity as may be necessary to perform its functions and achieve its objectives. The privileges and immunities which the Commission and its officers shall enjoy in the territory of a Contracting Party shall be determined by agreement between the Commission and the member concerned.
Art.9.7 7. The Contracting Parties shall determine the location of the headquarters of the Commission and shall appoint its Executive Director.
Art.9.8 8. The Commission shall adopt, and amend as required, by consensus, rules of procedure for the conduct of its meetings, including meetings of its subsidiary bodies, and for the efficient exercise of its functions.
Art.15 Article 15 The Secretariat
Art.15.1 1. The Commission may establish a permanent Secretariat consisting of an Executive Director and such other staff as the Commission may require.
Art.15.2 2. The Executive Director shall be appointed for a term of four years and may be re-appointed for a further term of four years.
Art.15.3 3. The Executive Director shall be the chief administrative officer of the Commission, and shall act in that capacity in all the meetings of the Commission and of any subsidiary body, and shall perform such other administrative functions as are entrusted to the Executive Director by the Commission.
Art.15.4 4. The Secretariat functions shall include the following:
Art.15.4.a (a) receiving and transmitting the Commission's official communications;
Art.15.4.b (b) facilitating the compilation and dissemination of data necessary to accomplish the objective of this Convention;
Art.15.4.c (c) preparing administrative and other reports for the Commission and the Scientific and Technical and Compliance Committees;
Art.15.4.d (d) administering agreed arrangements for monitoring, control and surveillance and the provision of scientific advice;
Art.15.4.e (e) publishing the decisions of and promoting the activities of the Commission and its subsidiary bodies; and
Art.15.4.f (f) treasury, personnel and other administrative functions.
Art.15.5 5. In order to minimize costs to the members of the Commission, the Secretariat to be established under this Convention shall be cost effective. The setting up and the functioning of the Secretariat shall, where appropriate, take into account the capacity of existing regional institutions to perform certain technical secretariat functions.
Art.16 Article 16 The staff of the Commission
Art.16.1 1. The staff of the Commission shall consist of such qualified scientific and technical and other personnel as may be required to fulfil the functions of the Commission. The staff shall be appointed by the Executive Director.
Art.16.2 2. The paramount consideration in the recruitment and employment of the staff shall be the necessity of securing the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity. Subject to this consideration, due regard shall be paid to the importance of recruiting the staff on an equitable basis between the members of the Commission with a view to ensuring a broad-based Secretariat.