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Paragraphs in "Agreement For The Establishment Of The Regional Commission For Fisheries" coded as INFO

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Art.1.3 3. As regards Associate Members, this Agreement shall, in accordance with the provisions of Article XIV-5 of the FAO Constitution and Rule XXI-3 of the General Rules of the Organization, be submitted by the Organization to the authority having responsibility for the international relations of such Associate Members.
Art.3.1.d (d) to encourage, recommend, coordinate and, as appropriate, undertake training and extension activities in all aspects of fisheries;
Art.3.1.f (f) to assemble, publish or disseminate information regarding exploitable living marine resources and fisheries based on these resources;
Art.6.1x The Commission shall transmit, after each session, to the Director-General of the Organization, a report embodying its views, recommendations and decisions, and make such other reports to the Director-General of the Organization as it may deem necessary or desirable. Reports of the committees and working groups of the Commission provided for in Article VII of the Agreement shall be transmitted to the Director-General of the Organization through the Commission.
Art.11.2 2. The Secretary shall be responsible for implementing the policies and activities of the Commission and shall report thereon to the Commission. The Secretary shall also act as Secretary to other subsidiary bodies established by the Commission, as required.