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Paragraphs in "Protocol On Water And Health To The Convention On The Protection And Use Of Transboundary Watercourses And International Lakes" coded as SCOP

Label Provision
Art.3 Article 3
Art.3.1x The provisions of this Protocol shall apply to:
Art.3.1x.a (a) Surface freshwater;
Art.3.1x.b (b) Groundwater;
Art.3.1x.c (c) Estuaries;
Art.3.1x.d (d) Coastal waters which are used for recreation or for the production of fish by aquaculture or for the production or harvesting of shellfish;
Art.3.1x.e (e) Enclosed waters generally available for bathing;
Art.3.1x.f (f) Water in the course of abstraction, transport, treatment or supply;
Art.3.1x.g (g) Waste water throughout the course of collection, transport, treatment and discharge or reuse.