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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Protection Of The Rhine" coded as IMPL

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Art.5 Article 5 Undertakings by the Contracting Parties
Art.5.0x To achieve the aims set out in Article 3, and in the light of the principles set out in Article 4, the Contracting Parties undertake:
Art.5.1 1. to step up their cooperation and to inform one another, particularly regarding actions taken in their territory to protect the Rhine;
Art.5.2 2. to implement in their territory the international measuring programmes and the studies of the Rhine ecosystem agreed upon by the Commission and to inform the Commission of the results;
Art.5.3 3. to carry out analyses with a view to identifying the causes of and parties responsible for pollution;
Art.5.4 4. to initiate the autonomous actions they deem necessary in their territory, and in any event ensure that
Art.5.4.a (a) discharging of waste water liable to affect water quality is subject to prior authorisation or to general rules laying down emission limits;
Art.5.4.b (b) discharges of hazardous substances are gradually reduced with a view to complete elimination;
Art.5.4.c (c) compliance with authorisations and general rules is monitored, as are discharges;
Art.5.4.d (d) authorisations and general rules are periodically examined and adjusted where substantial improvements in the state of the art so permit or where the state of the receiving medium so necessitates;
Art.5.4.e (e) the risk of pollution from incidents or accidents is reduced as far as possible by regulations, and the requisite measures are taken in the event of an emergency;
Art.5.4.f (f) technical measures liable to have a serious effect on the ecosystem are subject to prior authorisation, along with the necessary conditions, or to general regulations;
Art.5.5 5. to initiate the necessary actions in their territory to implement decisions taken by the Commission in accordance with Article 11;
Art.5.6 6. in the event of incidents or accidents that might threaten the quality of the water of the Rhine or in the event of imminent flooding, immediately to inform the Commission and the Contracting Parties liable to be affected, in accordance with the warning and alert plans coordinated by the Commission