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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The International Dolphin Conservation Program" coded as DEFN

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Art.1 Article I Definitions
Art.1.0x For the purposes of this Agreement:
Art.1.1 1. "Tuna" means the species of the suborder Scombroidei (Klawe, 1980), with the exception of the genus Scomber.
Art.1.2 2. "Dolphins" means species of the family Delphinidae associated with the fishery for yellowfin tuna in the Agreement Area.
Art.1.3 3. "Vessel" means a vessel that fishes for tuna with a purse seine.
Art.1.4 4. "Parties" means the States or regional economic integration organizations which have consented to be bound by this Agreement and for which this Agreement is in force.
Art.1.5 5. "Regional economic integration organization" means a regional economic integration organization to which its member States have transferred competence over matters covered by this Agreement, including the authority to make decisions binding on its member States in respect of those matters;
Art.1.6 6. "IATTC" means the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission.
Art.1.7 7. "La Jolla Agreement" means the instrument adopted at the Intergovernmental Meeting held in June, 1992.
Art.1.8 8. "International Dolphin Conservation Program" means the international program established pursuant to this Agreement based on the La Jolla Agreement, as formalized, modified and enhanced in accordance with the Declaration of Panama.
Art.1.9 9. "On-Board Observer Program" means the program defined in Annex II.
Art.1.10 10. "Declaration of Panama" means the Declaration signed in Panama City, Republic of Panama, on October 4, 1995.
Art.1.11 11. "Director" means the Director of Investigations of the IATTC.