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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Law Of The Non-Navigational Uses Of International Watercourses" coded as FINPR

Label Provision
Art.7 Article 7
Art.7.1 1. Watercourse States shall, in utilizing an international watercourse in their territories, take all appropriate measures to prevent the causing of significant harm to other watercourse States.
Art.7.2 2. Where significant harm nevertheless is caused to another watercourse State, the States whose use causes such harm shall, in the absence of agreement to such use, take all appropriate measures, having due regard for the provisions of Articles 5 and 6, in consultation with the affected State, to eliminate or mitigate such harm and, where appropriate, to discuss the question of compensation.
Art.16 Article 16
Art.16.1 1. If, within the period applicable pursuant to Article 13, the notifying State receives no communication under Article 15, it may, subject to its obligations under Articles 5 and 7, proceed with the implementation of the planned measures, in accordance with the notification and any other data and information provided to the notified States.
Art.16.2 2. Any claim to compensation by a notified State which has failed to reply within the period applicable pursuant to Article 13 may be offset by the costs incurred by the notifying State for action undertaken after the expiration of the time for a reply which would not have been undertaken if the notified State had objected within that period.