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Paragraphs in "Inter-American Convention For The Protection And Conservation Of Sea Turtles" coded as ATTACH

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Art.4.2.d d. The protection, conservation and, if necessary, the restoration of sea turtle habitats and nesting areas, as well as the establishment of necessary restrictions on the use of such zones, including the designation of protected areas, as provided in Annex II;
Art.4.2.h h. The reduction, to the greatest extent practicable, of the incidental capture, retention, harm or mortality of sea turtles in the course of fishing activities, through the appropriate regulation of such activities, as well as the development, improvement and use of appropriate gear, devices or techniques, including the use of turtle excluder devices (TEDs) pursuant to the provisions of Annex III, and the corresponding training, in keeping with the principle of the sustainable use of fisheries resources; and
Art.5.3.c c. Adopt such additional conservation and management measures as deemed appropriate to achieve the objective of this Convention. If the Parties consider it necessary, such measures may be included in an Annex to this Convention;
Art.11.1 1. Each Party shall prepare an annual report, in accordance with Annex IV, on the programs it has adopted to protect and conserve sea turtles and their habitats, as well as any program it may have adopted relating to the utilization of these species in accordance with Article IV(3).
Art.26.1 1. The Annexes to this Convention are an integral part hereof. All references to this Convention shall be understood as including its Annexes.
Art.26.2 2. Unless the Parties decide otherwise, the Annexes to this Convention may be amended, by consensus, at any meeting of the Parties. Unless otherwise agreed, amendments to an Annex shall enter into force for all Parties one year after adoption.