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Paragraphs in "Inter-American Convention For The Protection And Conservation Of Sea Turtles" coded as INFO

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Art.4.2.g g. The promotion of environmental education and dissemination of information in an effort to encourage the participation of government institutions, nongovernmental organizations and the general public of each State, especially those communities that are involved in the protection, conservation and recovery of sea turtle populations and their habitats;
Art.4.2.h h. The reduction, to the greatest extent practicable, of the incidental capture, retention, harm or mortality of sea turtles in the course of fishing activities, through the appropriate regulation of such activities, as well as the development, improvement and use of appropriate gear, devices or techniques, including the use of turtle excluder devices (TEDs) pursuant to the provisions of Annex III, and the corresponding training, in keeping with the principle of the sustainable use of fisheries resources; and
Art.6.1.b b. Receiving from the Parties the annual reports referred to in Article XI and placing them at the disposal of the other Parties and of the Consultative Committee and the Scientific Committee;
Art.6.1.c c. Publishing and disseminating the recommendations and decisions adopted at the meetings of the Parties in accordance with rules of procedures adopted by the Parties;
Art.6.1.d d. Disseminating and promoting the exchange of information and educational materials regarding efforts undertaken by the Parties to increase public awareness of the need to protect and conserve sea turtles and their habitats, while maintaining the economic profitability of diverse artisanal, commercial, and subsistence fishing operations, as well as the sustainable use of fisheries resources. This information shall concern, inter alia:
Art.7.2.e e. Present a report to the Parties on its work, including, as appropriate, recommendations on the adoption of additional conservation and management measures to promote the objective of this Convention;
Art.11.2 2. Each Party shall provide, either directly or through the Secretariat, if established, its annual report to the other Parties and to the Consultative and Scientific Committees at least 30 days prior to the next ordinary meeting of the Parties and shall also make such annual reports available to other States or interested entities that so request.
Art.12.2 2. Such activities may include the training of advisors and educators; the exchange and training of technicians, sea turtle managers and researchers; the exchange of scientific information and educational materials; the development of joint research programs, studies, seminars and workshops; and other activities on which the Parties may agree.
Art.12.3 3. The Parties shall cooperate to develop and to facilitate access to information and training regarding the use and transfer of environmentally sustainable technologies, consistent with the objective of this Convention. They shall also develop endogenous scientific and technological capabilities.