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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The Conservation Of Cetaceans Of The Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea And Contiguous Atlantic Area" coded as SBF

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Art.5 Article V
Art.5.1 1. The functions of the subregional Co-ordination units shall be:
Art.5.1.a a) to facilitate implementation in the respective subregions of the activities provided for in Annex 2 to this Agreement, in accordance with instructions of the Meeting of the Parties;
Art.5.1.b b) to collect and evaluate information that will further the objectives and implementation of the Agreement and provide for appropriate dissemination of such information; and
Art.5.1.c c) to service meetings of the Scientific Committee and to prepare a report for communication to the Meeting of the Parties through the Agreement secretariat.
Art.5.1.dx The designation of the Co-ordination units and their functions shall be reviewed, as appropriate, at each session of the Meeting of the Parties.
Art.5.2 2. Each Co-ordination unit, in consultation with the Scientific Committee and the Agreement secretariat, shall facilitate the preparation of a series of international reviews or publications, to be updated regularly, including:
Art.5.2.a a) reports on the status and trends of populations, as well as gaps in scientific knowledge;
Art.5.2.b b) a subregional directory of important areas for cetaceans; and
Art.5.2.c c) a subregional directory of national authorities, research and rescue centres, scientists and non-governmental organizations concerned with cetaceans.
Art.6 Article VI
Art.6.1 1. The Meeting of the Parties shall elect a Bureau consisting of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons of the Meeting of the Parties, and shall adopt rules of procedure for the Bureau, as proposed by the Agreement secretariat. The Chairperson of the Scientific Committee shall be invited to participate as an observer in the meetings of the Bureau. Whenever necessary, the Agreement secretariat shall provide secretariat services.
Art.6.2 2. The Bureau shall:
Art.6.2.a a) provide general policy guidance and operational and financial direction to the Agreement secretariat and the Co-ordination units concerning the implementation and promotion of the Agreement;
Art.6.2.b b) carry out, between sessions of the Meeting of the Parties, such interim activities on its behalf as may be necessary or assigned to it by the Meeting of the Parties; and
Art.6.2.c c) represent the Parties vis-à-vis the Government(s) of the host country (or countries) of the Agreement secretariat and the Meeting of the Parties, the Depositary and other international organizations on matters relating to this Agreement and its secretariat.
Art.6.3 3. At the request of its Chairperson, the Bureau shall normally meet once per annum at the invitation of the Agreement secretariat, which shall inform all Parties of the date, venue and agenda of such meetings.
Art.6.4 4. The Bureau shall provide a report on its activities for each session of the Meeting of the Parties which will be circulated to all Parties in advance of the session by the Agreement secretariat.
Art.7 Article VII
Art.7.1 1. A Scientific Committee, comprising persons qualified as experts in cetacean conservation science, shall be established as an advisory body to the Meeting of the Parties. The Meeting of the Parties will entrust the functions of the Scientific Committee to an existing organization in the Agreement area that assures geographically-balanced representation.
Art.7.2 2. Meetings of the Scientific Committee shall be convened by the Agreement secretariat at the request of the Meeting of the Parties.
Art.7.3 3. The Scientific Committee shall:
Art.7.3.a a) provide advice to the Meeting of the Parties on scientific and technical matters having a bearing on the implementation of the Agreement, and to individual Parties between sessions, as appropriate, through the Co-ordination unit of the subregion concerned;
Art.7.3.b b) advise on the guidelines as provided for in Article IV, paragraph 3, assess the reviews prepared in accordance with Annex 2 to this Agreement and formulate recommendations to the Meeting of the Parties relating to their development, contents and implementation;
Art.7.3.c c) conduct scientific assessments of the conservation status of cetacean populations;
Art.7.3.d d) advise on the development and co-ordination of international research and monitoring programmes, and make recommendations to the Meeting of the Parties concerning further research to be carried out;
Art.7.3.e e) facilitate the exchange of scientific information and of conservation techniques;
Art.7.3.f f) prepare for each session of the Meeting of the Parties a report of its activities which shall be submitted to the Agreement secretariat not less than one hundred and twenty days before the session of the Meeting of the Parties and circulated forthwith by the Agreement secretariat to all Parties;
Art.7.3.g g) render timely advice on the exceptions of which it has been informed pursuant to Article II, paragraph 2; and
Art.7.3.h h) carry out, as may be necessary, other tasks referred to it by the Meeting of the Parties.
Art.7.4 4. The Scientific Committee, in consultation with the Bureau and the respective Co-ordination units, may establish working groups as may be necessary to deal with specific tasks. The Meeting of the Parties shall agree a fixed budget allocation for this purpose.