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Paragraphs in "International Convention On Liability And Compensation For Damage In Connection With The Carriage Of Hazardous And Noxious Substances By Sea" coded as

Label Provision
Art.52.3 3. For the purposes of this Article the HNS Fund shall remain a legal person.
Art.53 Article 53
Art.53.1 1. This Convention and any amendment adopted under Article 48 shall be deposited with the Secretary-General.
Art.53.2 2. The Secretary-General shall:
Art.53.2.a (a) inform all States which have signed this Convention or acceded thereto, and all Members of the Organization, of:
Art.53.2.a.i (i) each new signature or deposit of an instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession together with the date thereof;
Art.53.2.a.ii (ii) the date of entry into force of this Convention;
Art.53.2.a.iii (iii) any proposal to amend the limits on the amounts of compensation which has been made in accordance with Article 48, paragraph 2;
Art.53.2.a.iv (iv) any amendment which has been adopted in accordance with Article 48, paragraph 5;
Art.53.2.a.v (v) any amendment deemed to have been accepted under Article 48, paragraph 8, together with the date on which that amendment shall enter into force in accordance with paragraphs 9 and 10 of that Article;
Art.53.2.a.vi (vi) the deposit of any instrument of denunciation of this Convention together with the date on which it is received and the date on which the denunciation takes effect; and
Art.53.2.a.vii (vii) any communication called for by any Article in this Convention; and
Art.53.2.b (b) transmit certified true copies of this Convention to all States which have signed this Convention or acceded thereto.
Art.53.3 3. As soon as this Convention enters into force, a certified true copy thereof shall be transmitted by the depositary to the Secretary-General of the United Nations for registration and publication in accordance with Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations.
Art.54 Article 54
Art.54.1x This Convention is established in a single original in the Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish languages, each text being equally authentic.
Conc.1 DONE at London this third day of May one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six.
Conc.2 IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, being duly authorized by their respective Governments for that purpose, have signed this Convention.
Conc.3 [Signatures not reproduced here.]