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Paragraphs in "Convention To Ban The Importation Into The Forum Island Countries Of Hazardous And Radioactive Wastes And To Control The Transboundary Movement And Management Of Hazardous Wastes Within The South Pacific Region" coded as SECS

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Art.14 Article 14
Art.14.1 1. A Secretariat for this Convention is hereby established. The functions of the Secretariat shall be to:
Art.14.1.a (a) arrange and service meetings of the Parties to this Convention;
Art.14.1.b (b) prepare the regular budget of the Conference of the Parties, as required by this Convention;
Art.14.1.c (c) prepare and transmit reports based upon information received in accordance with Articles 3, 4, 7, and 11 of this Convention;
Art.14.1.d (d) prepare and transmit information derived from meetings of subsidiary bodies and agencies established under Article 13 of this Convention or provided by relevant inter-governmental and non-governmental entities;
Art.14.1.e (e) ensure coordination with the Secretariat of the Basel Convention and other relevant international and regional bodies, and in particular to enter into such administrative arrangements as may be required for the effective discharge of its functions;
Art.14.1.f (f) communicate with the competent authorities and focal points established by the Parties in accordance with Article 5 of this Convention as well as appropriate inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations which may provide financial and/or technical assistance in the implementation of this Convention;
Art.14.1.g (g) compile information concerning approved sites and facilities available for the disposal of hazardous wastes and means of transport to these sites and facilities and to circulate this information;
Art.14.1.h (h) receive and convey on request to Parties information on available sources of technical and scientific expertise;
Art.14.1.i (i) receive and convey on request to Parties information on consultants or consulting firms having the necessary technical competence in the field which can assist them with examining a notification for a transboundary movement of hazardous wastes, the concurrence of a shipment of hazardous wastes with the relevant notification, and/or whether the proposed disposal facilities for hazardous wastes are environmentally sound, when they have reason to believe that the wastes in question will not be managed in an environmentally sound manner;
Art.14.1.j (j) assist Parties to this Convention in their identification of cases of illegal traffic and to circulate immediately to the Parties concerned any information it has received regarding illegal traffic, and to undertake the necessary coordination with the Secretariat of the Basel Convention as provided for in Article 9.6;
Art.14.1.k (k) to cooperate with countries concerned and with relevant and competent international organisations and agencies in the provision of experts and equipment for the purpose of rapid assistance in the event of an emergency situation in the Convention Area;
Art.14.1.l (l) to report the information prescribed in paragraph 2 of this Article, to the Parties to this Convention, before the end of each calendar year; and
Art.14.1.m (m) to perform such other functions relevant to the purposes of this Convention as may be determined by the Conference of the Parties.
Art.14.2 2. The Secretariat shall transmit to the Parties, before the end of each calendar year, a report taking into account material provided by Parties under Articles 4.4(f) and 7.3 on the previous calendar year, containing the following:
Art.14.2.a (a) information regarding transboundary movement of hazardous wastes in which Parties have been involved, including:
Art.14.2.a.i (i) the quantity of hazardous wastes exported, their category, characteristics, destination, any transit country and disposal method as stated in the notification;
Art.14.2.a.ii (ii) the amount of hazardous wastes imported, their category, characteristics, origin, and disposal methods;
Art.14.2.a.iii (iii) disposals which did not proceed as intended; and
Art.14.2.a.iv (iv) efforts to achieve a reduction of the amount of hazardous wastes subject to transboundary movement.
Art.14.2.b (b) information on measures adopted by Parties in the implementation of this Convention;
Art.14.2.c (c) information where it is available on the effects on human health and the environment from the generation, transportation and disposal of hazardous wastes in the Convention Area. The information may take the form of statistical data;
Art.14.2.d (d) information on accidents occurring during transboundary movements, treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes and on measures undertaken to deal with them;
Art.14.2.e (e) information on environmentally sound treatment and disposal options operated by Parties; and
Art.14.2.f (f) information on measures undertaken by Parties for the development of cleaner production technologies for the reduction and/or elimination of the production of hazardous wastes.
Art.14.3 3. The Secretariat's functions shall be carried out by SPREP.