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Art.3.1x The Contracting Parties shall work to promote access to international markets on commercial terms, and generally to develop an open and competitive market, for Energy Materials and Products.
Art.5.4 4) Notwithstanding paragraph 1), a Contracting Party may temporarily continue to maintain trade-related investment measures which were in effect more than 180 days before its signature of this Treaty, subject to the notification and phase-out provisions set out in Annex TRM.
Art.10.6.b b) A Contracting Party may, furthermore, at any time make a voluntary commitment to accord to Investors of other Contracting Parties, as regards the Making of Investments in some or all Economic Activities in the Energy Sector in its Area, the Treatment described in paragraph 3). Such commitments shall be notified to the Secretariat and listed in Annex VC and shall be binding under this Treaty.
Art.26.3.b b) i) The Contracting Parties listed in Annex ID do not give such unconditional consent where the Investor has previously submitted the dispute under subparagraph 2)a) or b).
Art.26.3.b.ii ii) For the sake of transparency, each Contracting Party that is listed in Annex ID shall provide a written statement of its policies, practices and conditions in this regard to the Secretariat no later than the date of the deposit of its instrument of ratification, acceptance or approval in accordance with Article 39 or the deposit of its instrument of accession in accordance with Article 41.
Art.26.3.c c) A Contracting Party listed in Annex IA does not give such unconditional consent with respect to a dispute arising under the last sentence of Article 101).
Art.27.2 2) If a dispute has not been settled in accordance with paragraph 1) within a reasonable period of time, either party thereto may, except as otherwise provided in this Treaty or agreed in writing by the Contracting Parties, and except as concerns the application or interpretation of Article 6 or Article 19 or, for Contracting Parties listed in Annex IA, the last sentence of Article 101), upon written notice to the other party to the dispute submit the matter to an ad hoc tribunal under this Article.
Art.27.3.i i) Where, in making an award, a tribunal finds that a measure of a regional or local government or authority within the Area of a Contracting Party listed in Part I of Annex P is not in conformity with this Treaty, either party to the dispute may invoke the provisions of Part II of Annex P;
Art.29.2.a 2) a) Trade in Energy Materials and Products between Contracting Parties at least one of which is not a party to the GATT or a relevant Related Instrument shall be governed, subject to subparagraphs b) and c) and to the exceptions and rules provided for in Annex G, by the provisions of GATT 1947 and Related Instruments, as applied on 1 March 1994 and practised with regard to Energy Materials and Products by parties to GATT 1947 among themselves, as if all Contracting Parties were parties to GATT 1947 and Related Instruments.
Art.29.2.b b) Such trade of a Contracting Party which is a state that was a constituent part of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics may instead be governed, subject to the provisions of Annex TFU, by an agreement between two or more such states, until 1 December 1999 or the admission of that Contracting Party to the GATT, whichever is the earlier.
Art.29.5.a a) in the case of a rate or other charge levied at the time of importation, such action is not inconsistent with the applicable provisions of the GATT other than those provisions of GATT 1947 and Related Instruments listed in Annex G and the corresponding provisions of GATT 1994 and Related Instruments; or
Art.29.7 7) Annex D shall apply to disputes regarding compliance with provisions applicable to trade under this Article and, unless both Contracting Parties agree otherwise, to disputes regarding compliance with Article 5 between Contracting Parties at least one of which is not a party to the GATT, except that Annex D shall not apply to any dispute between Contracting Parties, the substance of which arises under an agreement that:
Art.29.7.a a) has been notified in accordance with and meets the other requirements of subparagraph 2)b) and Annex TFU; or
Art.32.1 1) In recognition of the need for time to adapt to the requirements of a market economy, a Contracting Party listed in Annex T may temporarily suspend full compliance with its obligations under one or more of the following provisions of this Treaty, subject to the conditions in paragraphs 3) to 6):
Art.32.3 3) The applicable provisions, the stages towards full implementation of each, the measures to be taken and the date or, exceptionally, contingent event, by which each stage shall be completed and measure taken are listed in Annex T for each Contracting Party claiming transitional arrangements. Each such Contracting Party shall take the measure listed by the date indicated for the relevant provision and stage as set out in Annex T. Contracting Parties which have temporarily suspended full compliance under paragraph (1) undertake to comply fully with the relevant obligations by 1 July 2001. Should a Contracting Party find it necessary, due to exceptional circumstances, to request that the period of such temporary suspension be extended or that any further temporary suspension not previously listed in Annex T be introduced, the decision on a request to amend Annex T shall be made by the Charter Conference.
Art.32.4.a a) of the implementation of any measures listed in its Annex T and of its general progress to full compliance;
Art.32.4.c c) of the need for technical assistance to facilitate completion of the stages set out in Annex T as necessary for the full implementation of this Treaty, or to deal with any problem notified pursuant to subparagraph b) as well as to promote other necessary market-oriented reforms and modernization of its energy sector;
Art.34.3.a a) carry out the duties assigned to it by this Treaty and any Protocols;
Art.34.3.b b) keep under review and facilitate the implementation of the principles of the Charter and of the provisions of this Treaty and the Protocols;
Art.34.3.c c) facilitate in accordance with this Treaty and the Protocols the coordination of appropriate general measures to carry out the principles of the Charter;
Art.34.3.h h) authorize and approve the terms of reference for the negotiation of Protocols, and consider and adopt the texts thereof and of amendments thereto;
Art.34.3.m m) consider and approve modifications of and technical changes to the Annexes to this Treaty;
Art.35.4 4) The Secretariat shall provide the Charter Conference with all necessary assistance for the performance of its duties and shall carry out the functions assigned to it in this Treaty or in any Protocol and any other functions assigned to it by the Charter Conference.
Art.36.1.a a) adopt amendments to this Treaty other than amendments to Articles 34 and 35 and Annex T;
Art.36.1.d d) approve modifications to Annexes EM, NI, G and B;
Art.36.1.e e) approve technical changes to the Annexes to this Treaty; and
Art.36.1.f f) approve the Secretary-General's nominations of panelists under Annex D, paragraph 7).
Art.36.2 2) Decisions on budgetary matters referred to in Article 343)e) shall be taken by a qualified majority of Contracting Parties whose assessed contributions as specified in Annex B represent, in combination, at least three-fourths of the total assessed contributions specified therein.
Art.37.3 3) The costs of the Secretariat shall be met by the Contracting Parties assessed according to their capacity to pay, determined as specified in Annex B, the provisions of which may be modified in accordance with Article 361)d).
Art.37.4 4) A Protocol shall contain provisions to assure that any costs of the Secretariat arising from that Protocol are borne by the parties thereto.
Art.45.3.c c) Subparagraph b) shall not apply to any signatory listed in Annex PA. A signatory shall be removed from the list in Annex PA effective upon delivery to the Depositary of its request therefor.
Art.45.6 6) The signatories shall, in accordance with and subject to the provisions of paragraph 1) or subparagraph 2)c) as appropriate, contribute to the costs of the provisional Secretariat as if the signatories were Contracting Parties under Article 373). Any modifications made to Annex B by the signatories shall terminate upon the entry into force of this Treaty.
Art.48.1x The Annexes to this Treaty and the Decisions set out in Annex 2 to the Final Act of the European Energy Charter Conference signed at Lisbon on 17 December 1994 are integral parts of the Treaty.