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Paragraphs in "Energy Charter Treaty" coded as INFO

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Art.6.4 4) Contracting Parties may cooperate in the enforcement of their competition rules by consulting and exchanging information.
Art.6.5 5) If a Contracting Party considers that any specified anti-competitive conduct carried out within the Area of another Contracting Party is adversely affecting an important interest relevant to the purposes identified in this Article, the Contracting Party may notify the other Contracting Party and may request that its competition authorities initiate appropriate enforcement action. The notifying Contracting Party shall include in such notification sufficient information to permit the notified Contracting Party to identify the anti-competitive conduct that is the subject of the notification and shall include an offer of such further information and cooperation as the notifying Contracting Party is able to provide. The notified Contracting Party or, as the case may be, the relevant competition authorities may consult with the competition authorities of the notifying Contracting Party and shall accord full consideration to the request of the notifying Contracting Party in deciding whether or not to initiate enforcement action with respect to the alleged anti-competitive conduct identified in the notification. The notified Contracting Party shall inform the notifying Contracting Party of its decision or the decision of the relevant competition authorities and may if it wishes inform the notifying Contracting Party of the grounds for the decision. If enforcement action is initiated, the notified Contracting Party shall advise the notifying Contracting Party of its outcome and, to the extent possible, of any significant interim development.
Art.10.8 8) The modalities of application of paragraph 7) in relation to programmes under which a Contracting Party provides grants or other financial assistance, or enters into contracts, for energy technology research and development, shall be reserved for the supplementary treaty described in paragraph 4). Each Contracting Party shall through the Secretariat keep the Charter Conference informed of the modalities it applies to the programmes described in this paragraph.
Art.10.9 9) Each state or Regional Economic Integration Organization which signs or accedes to this Treaty shall, on the date it signs the Treaty or deposits its instrument of accession, submit to the Secretariat a report summarizing all laws, regulations or other measures relevant to:
Art.10.9.a a) exceptions to paragraph 2); or
Art.10.9.b b) the programmes referred to in paragraph 8).
Art.10.9.cx A Contracting Party shall keep its report up to date by promptly submitting amendments to the Secretariat. The Charter Conference shall review these reports periodically.
Art.10.9.dx In respect of subparagraph a) the report may designate parts of the energy sector in which a Contracting Party accords to Investors of other Contracting Parties the Treatment described in paragraph 3).
Art.10.9.ex In respect of subparagraph b) the review by the Charter Conference may consider the effects of such programmes on competition and Investments.
Art.18.4 4) The Contracting Parties undertake to facilitate access to energy resources, inter alia , by allocating in a non-discriminatory manner on the basis of published criteria authorizations, licences, concessions and contracts to prospect and explore for or to exploit or extract energy resources.
Art.19.1.e e) promote the collection and sharing among Contracting Parties of information on environmentally sound and economically efficient energy policies and Cost-Effective practices and technologies;
Art.19.1.f f) promote public awareness of the Environmental Impacts of energy systems, of the scope for the prevention or abatement of their adverse Environmental Impacts, and of the costs associated with various prevention or abatement measures;
Art.19.1.h h) encourage favourable conditions for the transfer and dissemination of such technologies consistent with the adequate and effective protection of Intellectual Property rights;
Art.19.1.j j) promote international awareness and information exchange on Contracting Parties' relevant environmental programmes and standards and on the implementation of those programmes and standards;
Art.20.2 2) Laws, regulations, judicial decisions and administrative rulings of general application made effective by any Contracting Party, and agreements in force between Contracting Parties, which affect other matters covered by this Treaty shall also be published promptly in such a manner as to enable Contracting Parties and Investors to become acquainted with them. The provisions of this paragraph shall not require any Contracting Party to disclose confidential information which would impede law enforcement or otherwise be contrary to the public interest or would prejudice the legitimate commercial interests of any Investor.
Art.29.3 3) Each signatory to this Treaty, and each state or Regional Economic Integration Organization acceding to this Treaty, shall on the date of its signature or of its deposit of its instrument of accession provide to the Secretariat a list of all tariff rates and other charges levied on Energy Materials and Products at the time of importation or exportation, notifying the level of such rates and charges applied on such date of signature or deposit. Any changes to such rates or other charges shall be notified to the Secretariat, which shall inform the Contracting Parties of such changes.
Art.29.5.b b) it has, to the fullest extent practicable under its legislative procedures, notified the Secretariat of its proposal for such an increase, given other interested Contracting Parties reasonable opportunity for consultation with respect to its proposal, and accorded consideration to any representations from such Contracting Parties.
Art.32.4 4) A Contracting Party which has invoked transitional arrangements shall notify the Secretariat no less often than once every 12 months:
Art.32.4.a a) of the implementation of any measures listed in its Annex T and of its general progress to full compliance;
Art.32.4.b b) of the progress it expects to make during the next 12 months towards full compliance with its obligations, of any problem if foresees and of its proposals for dealing with that problem;
Art.32.4.c c) of the need for technical assistance to facilitate completion of the stages set out in Annex T as necessary for the full implementation of this Treaty, or to deal with any problem notified pursuant to subparagraph b) as well as to promote other necessary market-oriented reforms and modernization of its energy sector;
Art.32.4.d d) of any possible need to make a request of the kind referred to in paragraph 3).
Art.32.5 5) The Secretariat shall:
Art.32.5.a a) circulate to all Contracting Parties the notifications referred to in paragraph 4);
Art.32.5.b b) circulate and actively promote, relying where appropriate on arrangements existing within other international organizations, the matching of needs for and offers of technical assistance referred to in paragraph 2) and subparagraph 4)c);
Art.32.5.c c) circulate to all Contracting Parties at the end of each six month period a summary of any notifications made under subparagraph 4)a) or d).