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Paragraphs in "Energy Charter Treaty" coded as MEMB

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Art.33 Article 33
Art.33.1 1) The Charter Conference may authorize the negotiation of a number of Energy Charter Protocols or Declarations in order to pursue the objectives and principles of the Charter.
Art.33.2 2) Any signatory to the Charter may participate in such negotiation.
Art.33.3 3) A state or Regional Economic Integration Organization shall not become a party to a Protocol or Declaration unless it is, or becomes at the same time, a signatory to the Charter and a Contracting Party to this Treaty.
Art.33.4 4) Subject to paragraph 3) and subparagraph 6)a), final provisions applying to a Protocol shall be defined in that Protocol.
Art.33.5 5) A Protocol shall apply only to the Contracting Parties which consent to be bound by it, and shall not derogate from the rights and obligations of those Contracting Parties not party to the Protocol.
Art.33.6.a 6) a) A Protocol may assign duties to the Charter Conference and functions to the Secretariat, provided that no such assignment may be made by an amendment to a Protocol unless that amendment is approved by the Charter Conference, whose approval shall not be subject to any provisions of the Protocol which are authorized by subparagraph b).
Art.33.6.b b) A Protocol which provides for decisions thereunder to be taken by the Charter Conference may, subject to subparagraph a), provide with respect to such decisions:
Art.33.6.b.i i) for voting rules other than those contained in Article 36;
Art.33.6.b.ii ii) that only parties to the Protocol shall be considered to be Contracting Parties for the purposes of Article 36 or eligible to vote under the rules provided for in the Protocol.
Art.38 Article 38
Art.38.1x This Treaty shall be open for signature at Lisbon from 17 December 1994 to 16 June 1995 by the states and Regional Economic Integration Organizations which have signed the Charter.
Art.39 Article 39
Art.39.1x This Treaty shall be subject to ratification, acceptance or approval by signatories. Instruments of ratification, acceptance or approval shall be deposited with the Depositary.
Art.40 Article 40
Art.40.1 1) Any state or Regional Economic Integration Organization may at the time of signature, ratification, acceptance, approval or accession, by a declaration deposited with the Depositary, declare that the Treaty shall be binding upon it with respect to all the territories for the international relations of which it is responsible, or to one or more of them. Such declaration shall take effect at the time the Treaty enters into force for that Contracting Party.
Art.40.2 2) Any Contracting Party may at a later date, by a declaration deposited with the Depositary, bind itself under this Treaty with respect to other territory specified in the declaration. In respect of such territory the Treaty shall enter into force on the ninetieth day following the receipt by the Depositary of such declaration.
Art.40.3 3) Any declaration made under the two preceding paragraphs may, in respect of any territory specified in such declaration, be withdrawn by a notification to the Depositary. The withdrawal shall, subject to the applicability of Article 473), become effective upon the expiry of one year after the date of receipt of such notification by the Depositary.
Art.40.4 4) The definition of "Area" in Article 110) shall be construed having regard to any declaration deposited under this Article.
Art.41 Article 41
Art.41.1x This Treaty shall be open for accession, from the date on which the Treaty is closed for signature, by states and Regional Economic Integration Organizations which have signed the Charter, on terms to be approved by the Charter Conference. The instruments of accession shall be deposited with the Depositary.
Art.45 Article 45
Art.45.1 1) Each signatory agrees to apply this Treaty provisionally pending its entry into force for such signatory in accordance with Article 44, to the extent that such provisional application is not inconsistent with its constitution, laws or regulations.
Art.45.2.a 2) a) Notwithstanding paragraph 1) any signatory may, when signing, deliver to the Depositary a declaration that it is not able to accept provisional application. The obligation contained in paragraph 1) shall not apply to a signatory making such a declaration. Any such signatory may at any time withdraw that declaration by written notification to the Depositary.
Art.45.2.b b) Neither a signatory which makes a declaration in accordance with subparagraph a) nor Investors of that signatory may claim the benefits of provisional application under paragraph 1).
Art.45.2.c c) Notwithstanding subparagraph a), any signatory making a declaration referred to in subparagraph a) shall apply Part VII provisionally pending the entry into force of the Treaty for such signatory in accordance with Article 44, to the extent that such provisional application is not inconsistent with its laws or regulations.
Art.45.3.a 3) a) Any signatory may terminate its provisional application of this Treaty by written notification to the Depositary of its intention not to become a Contracting Party to the Treaty. Termination of provisional application for any signatory shall take effect upon the expiration of 60 days from the date on which such signatory's written notification is received by the Depositary.
Art.45.3.b b) In the event that a signatory terminates provisional application under subparagraph a), the obligation of the signatory under paragraph 1) to apply Parts III and V with respect to any Investments made in its Area during such provisional application by Investors of other signatories shall nevertheless remain in effect with respect to those Investments for twenty years following the effective date of termination, except as otherwise provided in subparagraph c).
Art.45.3.c c) Subparagraph b) shall not apply to any signatory listed in Annex PA. A signatory shall be removed from the list in Annex PA effective upon delivery to the Depositary of its request therefor.
Art.45.4 4) Pending the entry into force of this Treaty the signatories shall meet periodically in the provisional Charter Conference, the first meeting of which shall be convened by the provisional Secretariat referred to in paragraph 5) not later than 180 days after the opening date for signature of the Treaty as specified in Article 38.
Art.45.5 5) The functions of the Secretariat shall be carried out on an interim basis by a provisional Secretariat until the entry into force of this Treaty pursuant to Article 44 and the establishment of a Secretariat.
Art.45.6 6) The signatories shall, in accordance with and subject to the provisions of paragraph 1) or subparagraph 2)c) as appropriate, contribute to the costs of the provisional Secretariat as if the signatories were Contracting Parties under Article 373). Any modifications made to Annex B by the signatories shall terminate upon the entry into force of this Treaty.
Art.45.7 7) A state or Regional Economic Integration Organization which, prior to this Treaty's entry into force, accedes to the Treaty in accordance with Article 41 shall, pending the Treaty's entry into force, have the rights and assume the obligations of a signatory under this Article.