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Paragraphs in "Federated States Of Micronesia Arrangement For Regional Fisheries Access" coded as SBF

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Art.17 Article 17 Observer programme
Art.17.1 1. The Parties shall establish an observer programme for the purposes of implementing and achieving the objectives of this Arrangement and shall establish appropriate administrative measures for the effective implementation of such a programme in accordance with the following principles:
Art.17.1.a Each fishing, vessel of the Parties licensed under this Arrangement shall, upon request by the Administrator, accept one observer of a Party other than the home Party of the vessel, under the conditions set out in Part 7 of Annex V. If such an observer is not available, the fishing vessel shall have on board one observer from the home Party.
Art.17.1.b Observers shall he trained and certified in accordance with the procedures to be agreed under the programme. Each of the Parties shall be entitled to have its nationals included in the programme.
Art.17.1.c The programme shall have as its objective a significant level of coverage by observers of the total number of trips by fishing vessels of the Parties licensed pursuant to this Arrangement and, unless otherwise agreed at the outset of the trip, observer operations will be based in the placement of observers at ports of trip origin for complete trips.
Art.17.1.d The activities of observers shall include monitoring the level of compliance with the provisions of this Arrangement and reporting of their findings to the Administrator and the home Party of the vessel.
Art.17.1.e The Parties shall facilitate the placing of observers, including the provision of visas, if required.
Art.17.1.f The Administrator shall ensure that a reasonable period of notice of the placement of an observer is given, which should, wherever practicable, be at least fourteen days.
Art.17.1.g The Administrator shall ensure that all reports received from observers placed under the provisions of this Arrangement are circulated widely, in a timely manner, to all Parties which may he affected by or have an interest in the reports.
Art.17.2 2. The Administrator shall coordinate the observer programme.