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Paragraphs in "Agreement On Cooperative Enforcement Operations Directed At Illegal Trade In Wild Fauna And Flora" coded as INFO

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Pre.10 Recognising also that sharing of information, training, experience and expertise among States is vital for effective law enforcement to reduce and ultimately eliminate illegal trade in wild fauna and flora,
Art.4.3 3. Each Party shall provide the Task Force on a regular basis with relevant information and scientific data relating to illegal trade.
Art.4.7 7. Each Party shall encourage public awareness campaigns aimed at enlisting public support for the objective of this Agreement, and the said campaigns shall be so designed as to encourage public reporting of illegal trade.
Art.4.11 11. Each Party shall report to the Governing Council on implementation of its obligations under this Agreement at intervals as determined by the Governing Council.
Art.5.7.e (e) providing reports annually and as required by the Governing Council;
Art.5.9.b (b) to investigate violations of national laws pertaining to illegal trade, at the request of the National Bureaus or with the consent of the Parties concerned, and to present to them evidence gathered during such investigations;
Art.5.9.c (c) to collect, process and disseminate information on activities that pertain to illegal trade, including establishing and maintaining databases;
Art.5.9.d (d) to provide, upon request of the Parties concerned, available information related to the return to the country of original export, or country of re-export, of confiscated wild fauna and flora; and
Art.6.2.a (a) provide to and receive from the Task Force information on illegal trade; and