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Paragraphs in "Convention Establishing the Association of Caribbean States" coded as DEFN

Label Provision
Art.1 ARTICLE I: Use of Terms
Art.1.1x In this Convention:
Art.1.1x.ax "Association" means the Association of Caribbean States established by Article II.
Art.1.1x.bx "Convention" means the Convention establishing the Association.
Art.1.1x.cx "Meeting of Heads of State or Government" means the Meeting of Heads of State or Government referred to in Article VI.
Art.1.1x.dx "Member State" means a State mentioned in Article IV(1) that is a party to this Convention.
Art.1.1x.ex "Associate Member" means a political entity mentioned in Article IV(2).
Art.1.1x.fx "Ministerial Council" means the Ministerial Council of the Association established by Article VII.
Art.1.1x.gx "Observers" means the entities referred to in Article V and admitted as such to the Association.
Art.1.1x.hx "Secretariat" means the Secretariat of the Association established by Article VII.
Art.1.1x.ix "Secretary-General" means the Secretary-General of the Association.
Art.1.1x.jx "Social Partners" means non-governmental organisations or other entities which are broadly representative of wide interests in the States, Countries and Territories of the region, and which are recognised and accepted as such by the Ministerial Council.