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Paragraphs in "Convention On The Conservation And Management Of Pollock Resources In The Central Bering Sea" coded as INFO

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Art.4.2 2. The Party that hosts the Annual Conference shall publish and maintain a record of all conservation and management measures in force in the Convention Area.
Art.9.1 1. The Scientific and Technical Committee, which shall be comprised of at least one representative from each Party, shall compile, exchange, and analyze information on fisheries harvests, and pollock and other living marine resources covered by this Convention in accordance with the Plan of Work established by the Annual Conference, and shall investigate other scientific matters as may be referred to it by the Annual Conference. It shall also establish forms and procedures for the Parties to submit fisheries data as required by Article X.
Art.9.2 2. The Scientific and Technical Committee shall hold a meeting prior to the Annual Conference and shall report to the Annual Conference the results of its meeting.
Art.10.1 1. The Parties shall cooperate in the conduct of scientific research on the pollock resources and, as may be determined by the Annual Conference, on other living marine resources covered by this Convention, including research on the determination of migratory patterns of pollock within and beyond the Convention Area. The Parties shall also cooperate in exchanging scientific data on these resources and in adopting standardized methodologies for such scientific research.
Art.10.2 2. The Parties shall annually submit fisheries data to the Scientific and Technical Committee including catch and effort statistics, time and area of fishing operations, incidental taking of anadromous species or other living marine resources, or other biological and technical data as may be required to meet the objectives of this Convention.
Art.11.3.b (b) to notify the other Parties of their intention to enter the Convention Area 48 hours prior to such entry, the procedures for which shall be established by the Annual Conference; and
Art.11.3.c (c) to notify the other Parties of the location of any transshipments of fish and fish products to transport vessels 24 hours prior to such transshipment.
Art.11.4 4. The Parties shall exchange:
Art.11.4.a (a) information collected by real-time satellite position-fixing transmitters on a real time basis through bilateral channels; and
Art.11.4.b (b) catch data on a sufficiently regular basis, established by the Annual Conference to ensure effective implementation of the relevant conservation and management measures.
Art.11.5.e (e) The activities of observers shall include monitoring the implementation of conservation and management measures adopted pursuant to this Convention (e. g. , measures relating to fishing activities, location thereof, incidental catch, and fishing gear) and reporting of their findings to the flag-State Party and observer's Party.
Art.11.7.a (a) The flag-State Party shall be notified promptly of alleged violations. The flag State Party shall take appropriate measures in accordance with its national laws and regulations, including prompt investigation. The flag-State Party shall order the fishing vessel to cease operations in violation of the provisions of this Convention or of measures adopted pursuant thereto and, in appropriate cases, shall order the fishing vessel to leave the Convention Area immediately.