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Paragraphs in "International Tropical Timber Agreement" coded as REVW

Label Provision
Art.30 Article 30
Art.30.1 1. The Council shall, within six months after the close of each calendar year, publish an annual report on its activities and such other information as it considers appropriate.
Art.30.2 2. The Council shall annually review and assess:
Art.30.2.a (a) The international timber situation;
Art.30.2.b (b) Other factors, issues and developments considered relevant to achieve the objectives of this Agreement.
Art.30.3 3. The review shall be carried out in the light of:
Art.30.3.a (a) Information supplied by members in relation to national production, trade, supply, stocks, consumption and prices of timber;
Art.30.3.b (b) Other statistical data and specific indicators provided by members as requested by the Council;
Art.30.3.c (c) Information supplied by members on their progress towards the sustainable management of their timber producing forests;
Art.30.3.d (d) Such other relevant information as may be available to the Council either directly or through the organizations in the United Nations system and intergovernmental, governmental or non-governmental organizations.
Art.30.4 4. The Council shall promote the exchange of views among member countries regarding:
Art.30.4.a (a) The status of sustainable management of timber producing forests and related matters in member countries;
Art.30.4.b (b) Resource flows and requirements in relation to objectives, criteria and guidelines set by the Organization.
Art.30.5 5. Upon request, the Council shall endeavour to enhance the technical capacity of member countries, in particular developing member countries, to obtain the data necessary for adequate information-sharing, including the provision of resources for training and facilities to members.
Art.30.6 6. The results of the review shall be included in the reports of the Council's deliberations.
Art.35 Article 35
Art.35.1x The Council shall review the scope of this Agreement four years after its entry into force.