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Paragraphs in "Agreement For The Establishment Of The Indian Ocean Tuna Commission" coded as ATTACH

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Art.2.1x The area of competence of the Commission (hereinafter referred to as the “Area”) shall be the Indian Ocean (defined for the purpose of this Agreement as being FAO statistical areas 51 and 57 as shown on the map set out in Annex A to this Agreement) and adjacent seas, north of the Antarctic Convergence, insofar as it is necessary to cover such seas for the purpose of conserving and managing stocks that migrate into or out of the Indian Ocean.
Art.3.1x The species covered by this Agreement shall be those set out in Annex B. The term “stocks” means the populations of such species which are located in the Area or migrate into or out of the Area.
Art.20.6 6. Amendments to the Annexes to this Agreement may be adopted by a two-thirds majority of the Members of the Commission and shall come into force from the date of approval by the Commission.
Art.24.1x.c.ii (ii) proposals for the amendment of this Agreement or of the Annexes thereto;