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Paragraphs in "Agreement For The Establishment Of The Indian Ocean Tuna Commission" coded as REVW

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Art.10.1 1. Each Member of the Commission shall ensure that such action is taken, under its national legislation, including the imposition of adequate penalties for violations, as may be necessary to make effective the provisions of this Agreement and to implement conservation and management measures which become binding on it under paragraph 1 of Article IX.
Art.10.2 2. Each Member of the Commission shall transmit to the Commission an annual statement of the actions it has taken pursuant to paragraph 1. Such statement shall be sent to the Secretary of the Commission not later than 60 days before the date of the following regular session of the Commission.
Art.10.3 3. The Members of the Commission shall cooperate, through the Commission, in the establishment of an appropriate system to keep under review the implementation of conservation and management measures adopted under paragraph 1 of Article IX, taking into account appropriate and effective tools and techniques to monitor the fishing activities and to gather the scientific information required for the purposes of this Agreement.
Art.10.4 4. The Members of the Commission shall cooperate in the exchange of information regarding any fishing for stocks covered by this Agreement by nationals of any State or entity which is not a Member of the Commission.