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Paragraphs in "Agreement To Promote Compliance With International Conservation And Management Measures By Fishing Vessels On The High Seas" coded as MEMB

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Art.10.1 1. This Agreement shall be open to acceptance by any Member or Associate Member of FAO, and to any nonmember State that is a Member of the United Nations, or of any of the specialized agencies of the United Nations or of the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Art.10.2 2. Acceptance of this Agreement shall be affected by the deposit of an instrument of acceptance with the Director General of FAO, hereinafter referred to as the Director-General.
Art.10.3 3. The Director General shall inform all Parties, all Members and Associate Members of FAO and the Secretary-General of the United Nations of all instruments of acceptance received.
Art.10.4 4. When a regional economic integration organization becomes a Party to this Agreement, such regional economic integration organization shall, in accordance with the provisions of Article II.7 of the FAO Constitution, as appropriate, notify such modifications or clarifications to its declaration of competence submitted under Article II.5 of the FAO Constitution as may be necessary in light of its acceptance of this Agreement. Any Party to this Agreement may, at any time, request a regional economic integration organization that is a Party to this Agreement to provide information as to which, as between the regional economic integration organization and its Member States, is responsible for the implementation of any particular matter covered by this Agreement. The regional economic integration organization shall provide this information within a reasonable time.