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Paragraphs in "North American Agreement On Environmental Cooperation" coded as RELA

Label Provision
Pre.6 ACKNOWLEDGING the growing economic and social links between them, including the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA);
Pre.7 RECONFIRMING the importance of the environmental goals and objectives of the NAFTA, including enhanced levels of environmental protection;
Pre.10 REAFFIRMING the Stockholm Declaration on the Human Environment of 1972 and the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development of 1992;
Art.1.1x.d (d) support the environmental goals and objectives of the NAFTA;
Art.10.3.b (b) without reducing levels of environmental protection, establishing a process for developing recommendations on greater compatibility of environmental technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures in a manner consistent with the NAFTA.
Art.10.6 6. The Council shall cooperate with the NAFTA Free Trade Commission to achieve the environmental goals and objectives of the NAFTA by:
Art.10.6.b (b) providing assistance in consultations under Article 1114 of the NAFTA where a Party considers that another Party is waiving or derogating from, or offering to waive or otherwise derogate from, an environmental measure as an encouragement to establish, acquire, expand or retain an investment of an investor, with a view to avoiding any such encouragement;
Art.10.6.c.ii (ii)making recommendations to the Free Trade Commission with respect to the avoidance of such disputes, and
Art.10.6.c.iii (iii) identifying experts able to provide information or technical advice to NAFTA committees, working groups and other NAFTA bodies;
Art.10.6.d (d) considering on an ongoing basis the environmental effects of the NAFTA; and
Art.10.6.e (e) otherwise assisting the Free Trade Commission in environment-related matters.
Art.36.1.b.ix any complaining Party or Parties may suspend, in accordance with Annex 36B, the application to the Party complained against of NAFTA benefits in an amount no greater than that sufficient to collect the monetary enforcement assessment.
Art.36.2.b.ix the complaining Party or Parties may, in accordance with Annex 36B, suspend annually the application to the Party complained against of NAFTA benefits in an amount no greater than the monetary enforcement assessment imposed by the panel under Article 34(5)(b).
Art.47.1x This Agreement shall enter into force on January 1, 1994, immediately after entry into force of the NAFTA, on an exchange of written notifications certifying the completion of necessary legal procedures.