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Paragraphs in "Convention Concerning The Prevention Of Major Industrial Accidents" coded as IMPL

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Art.4 Article 4
Art.4.1 1. In the light of national laws and regulations, conditions and practices, and in consultation with the most representative organizations of employers and workers and with other interested parties who may be affected, each Member shall formulate, implement and periodically review a coherent national policy concerning the protection of workers, the public and the environment against the risk of major accidents.
Art.4.2 2. This policy shall be implemented through preventive and protective measures for major hazard installations and, where practicable, shall promote the use of the best available safety technologies.
Art.7 Article 7
Art.7.1x Employers shall identify any major hazard installation within their control on the basis of the system referred to in Article 5.
Art.10 Article 10
Art.10.1 1. Employers shall prepare a safety report based on the requirements of Article 9.
Art.10.2 2. The report shall be prepared:
Art.10.2.a (a) in the case of existing major hazard installations, within a period after notification prescribed by national laws or regulations;
Art.10.2.b (b) in the case of any new major hazard installation, before it is put into operation.
Art.11 Article 11
Art.11.1x Employers shall review, update and amend the safety report:
Art.11.1x.a (a) in the event of a modification which has a significant influence on the level of safety in the installation or its processes or in the quantities of hazardous substances present;
Art.11.1x.b (b) when developments in technical knowledge or in the assessment of hazards make this appropriate;
Art.11.1x.c (c) at intervals prescribed by national laws or regulations;
Art.11.1x.d (d) at the request of the competent authority.
Art.15 Article 15
Art.15.1x Taking into account the information provided by the employer, the competent authority shall ensure that emergency plans and procedures containing provisions for the protection of the public and the environment outside the site of each major hazard installation are established, updated at appropriate intervals and coordinated with the relevant authorities and bodies.
Art.16 Article 16
Art.16.1x The competent authority shall ensure that:
Art.16.1x.a (a) information on safety measures and the correct behavior to adopt in the case of a major accident is disseminated to members of the public liable to be affected by a major accident without their having to request it and that such information is updated and redisseminated at appropriate intervals;
Art.16.1x.b (b) warning is given as soon as possible in the case of a major accident;
Art.16.1x.c (c) where a major accident could have transboundary effects, the information required in (a) and (b) above is provided to the States concerned, to assist in cooperation and coordination arrangements.
Art.17 Article 17
Art.17.1x The competent authority shall establish a comprehensive citing policy arranging for the appropriate separation of proposed major hazard installations from working and residential areas and public facilities, and appropriate measures for existing installations. Such a policy shall reflect the General Principles set out in Part II of the Convention.
Art.18 Article 18
Art.18.1 1. The competent authority shall have properly qualified and trained staff with the appropriate skills, and sufficient technical and professional support, to inspect, investigate, assess, and advise on the matters dealt with in this Convention and to ensure compliance with national laws and regulations.
Art.18.2 2. Representatives of the employer and representatives of the workers of a major hazard installation shall have the opportunity to accompany inspectors supervising the application of the measures prescribed in pursuance of this Convention, unless the inspectors consider, in the light of the general instructions of the competent authority, that this may be prejudicial to the performance of their duties.
Art.19 Article 19
Art.19.1x The competent authority shall have the right to suspend any operation which poses an imminent threat of a major accident.
Art.20 Article 20
Art.20.1x The workers and their representatives at a major hazard installation shall be consulted through appropriate cooperative mechanisms in order to ensure a safe system of work. In particular, the workers and their representatives shall:
Art.20.1x.a (a) be adequately and suitably informed of the hazards associated with the major hazard installation and their likely consequences;
Art.20.1x.b (b) be informed of any orders, instructions or recommendations made by the competent authority;
Art.20.1x.c (c) be consulted in the preparation of, and have access to, the following documents:
Art.20.1x.c.i (i) the safety report;
Art.20.1x.c.ii (ii) emergency plans and procedures;
Art.20.1x.c.iii (iii) accident reports;
Art.20.1x.d (d) be regularly instructed and trained in the practices and procedures for the prevention of major accidents and the control of developments likely to lead to a major accident and in the emergency procedures to be followed in the event of a major accident;
Art.20.1x.e (e) within the scope of their job, and without being placed at any disadvantage, take corrective action and if necessary interrupt the activity where, on the basis of their training and experience, they have reasonable justification to believe that there is an imminent danger of a major accident, and notify their supervisor or raise the alarm, as appropriate, before or as soon as possible after taking such action;
Art.20.1x.f (f) discuss with the employer any potential hazards they consider capable of generating a major accident and have the right to notify the competent authority of those hazards.
Art.21 Article 21
Art.21.1x Workers employed at the site of a major hazard installation shall:
Art.21.1x.a (a) comply with all practices and procedures relating to the prevention of major accidents and the control of developments likely to lead to a major accident within the major hazard installation;
Art.21.1x.b (b) comply with all emergency procedures should a major accident occur.