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Paragraphs in "Convention Concerning The Prevention Of Major Industrial Accidents" coded as INFO

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Art.6.1x The competent authority, after consulting the representative organizations of employers and workers concerned, shall make special provision to protect confidential information transmitted or made available to it in accordance with Articles 8, 12, 13 or 14, whose disclosure would be liable to cause harm to an employer's business, so long as this provision does not lead to serious risk to the workers, the public or the environment.
Art.8.1 1. Employers shall notify the competent authority of any major hazard installation which they have identified:
Art.8.1.a (a) within a fixed time-frame for an existing installation;
Art.8.1.b (b) before it is put into operation in the case of a new installation.
Art.8.2 2. Employers shall also notify the competent authority before any permanent closure of a major hazard installation.
Art.9.1x.c (c) organizational measures, including training and instruction of personnel, the provision of equipment in order to ensure their safety, staffing levels, hours of work, definition of responsibilities, and controls on outside contractors and temporary workers on the site of the installation;
Art.9.1x.d.ii (ii) the provision of information on potential accidents and site emergency plans to authorities and bodies responsible for the preparation of emergency plans and procedures for the protection of the public and the environment outside the site of the installation;
Art.9.1x.g (g) improvement of the system, including measures for gathering information and analysing accidents and near misses. The lessons so learnt shall be discussed with the workers and their representatives and shall be recorded in accordance with national law and practice.
Art.12.1x Employers shall transmit or make available to the competent authority the safety reports referred to in Articles 10 and 11.
Art.13.1x Employers shall inform the competent authority and other bodies designated for this purpose as soon as a major accident occurs.
Art.14.1 1. Employers shall, within a fixed time-frame after a major accident, present a detailed report to the competent authority containing an analysis of the causes of the accident and describing its immediate on-site consequences, and any action taken to mitigate its effects.
Art.14.2 2. The report shall include recommendations detailing actions to be taken to prevent a recurrence.
Art.16.1x.a (a) information on safety measures and the correct behavior to adopt in the case of a major accident is disseminated to members of the public liable to be affected by a major accident without their having to request it and that such information is updated and redisseminated at appropriate intervals;
Art.16.1x.c (c) where a major accident could have transboundary effects, the information required in (a) and (b) above is provided to the States concerned, to assist in cooperation and coordination arrangements.
Art.20.1x.d (d) be regularly instructed and trained in the practices and procedures for the prevention of major accidents and the control of developments likely to lead to a major accident and in the emergency procedures to be followed in the event of a major accident;
Art.22.1x When, in an exporting member State, the use of hazardous substances, technologies or processes is prohibited as a potential source of a major accident, the information on this prohibition and the reasons for it shall be made available by the exporting member State to any importing country.