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Paragraphs in "Agreement Establishing The South Pacific Regional Environment Programme" coded as DESCR

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Pre.2 RECOGNISING the importance of protecting the environment and conserving the natural resources of the South Pacific region;
Pre.3 CONSCIOUS of their responsibility to preserve their natural heritage for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations and their role as custodians of natural resources of global importance;
Pre.4 RECOGNISING the special hydrological, geological, atmospheric and ecological characteristics of the region which require special care and responsible management;
Pre.5 SEEKING TO ENSURE that resource development takes proper account of the need to protect and preserve the unique environmental values of the region and of the principles of sustainable development;
Pre.6 RECOGNISING the need for co-operation within the region and with competent international, regional and sub-regional organisations in order to ensure coordination and co-operation in efforts to protect the environment and use the natural resources of the region on a sustainable basis;
Pre.7 WISHING TO ESTABLISH a comprehensive Programme to assist the region in maintaining and improving its environment and to act as the central coordinating point for environmental protection measures within the region;
Pre.8 RECALLING the decision taken at the Conference on the Human Environment in the South Pacific, held at Rarotonga, Cook Islands, on 8-11 March 1982, to establish the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme as a separate entity within the South Pacific Commission;
Pre.9 RECALLING with appreciation the role of UNEP, ESCAP, the South Pacific Forum and the South Pacific Conference in supporting the establishment and encouraging the development of the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme as a regional programme and as part of the UNEP Regional Seas Programme;
Pre.10 NOTING with satisfaction that the Convention for the Protection of the Natural Resources and Environment of the South Pacific Region, done at Noumea on 24 November 1986, and its related Protocols, and the Convention on Conservation of Nature in the South Pacific, done at Apia on 12 June 1976, entered into force in 1990;
Pre.11 APPRECIATIVE of the valuable efforts that have been undertaken by the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme to promote environmental protection within the region and the support given to the Programme by the South Pacific Commission;
Pre.12 TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the decisions of the Third and Fourth Intergovernmental Meetings of the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme, held in Noumea in September 1990 and July 1991, and the endorsement of the Thirtieth South Pacific Conference, held in Noumea in October 1990; and
Pre.13 DESIRING TO ACCORD the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme the full and formal legal status necessary to operate as an autonomous body, to manage fully its own affairs and to provide the basis for the continued operation of SPREP in accordance with the traditions of cooperation in the region;