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Paragraphs in "Agreement Establishing The South Pacific Regional Environment Programme" coded as HOBF

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Art.2 Article 2
Art.2.1 1. The purposes of SPREP are to promote co-operation in the South Pacific region and to provide assistance in order to protect and improve its environment and to ensure sustainable development for present and future generations. SPREP shall achieve these purposes through the Action Plan adopted from time to time by the SPREP Meeting, setting the strategies and objectives of SPREP.
Art.2.2 2. The Action Plan shall include:
Art.2.2.a (a) co-ordinating regional activities addressing the environment;
Art.2.2.b (b) monitoring and assessing the state of the environment in the region including the impacts of human activities on the ecosystems of the region and encouraging development undertaken to be directed towards maintaining or enhancing environmental qualities;
Art.2.2.c (c) promoting and developing programmes, including research programmes, to protect the atmosphere and terrestrial, freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystems and species, while ensuring ecologically sustainable utilisation of resources;
Art.2.2.d (d) reducing, through prevention and management, atmospheric, land based, freshwater and marine pollution;
Art.2.2.e (e) strengthening national and regional capabilities and institutional arrangements;
Art.2.2.f (f) increasing and improving training, educational and public awareness activities; and
Art.2.2.g (g) promoting integrated legal, planning and management mechanisms.
Art.3 Article 3
Art.3.1 1. The SPREP Meeting shall be open to the Membership of the Parties to this Agreement and, with the appropriate authorisation of the Party having responsibility for its international affairs, of each of the following:
Art.3.1.1x American Samoa
Art.3.1.2x French Polynesia
Art.3.1.3x Guam
Art.3.1.4x New Caledonia
Art.3.1.5x Northern Mariana Islands
Art.3.1.6x Palau
Art.3.1.7x Tokelau
Art.3.1.8x Wallis and Futuna.
Art.3.2 2. The SPREP Meeting shall be held at such times as the SPREP Meeting may determine. A special SPREP Meeting may be held at any time as provided in the Rules of Procedure.
Art.3.3 3. The SPREP Meeting shall be the plenary body and its functions shall be:
Art.3.3.a (a) to provide a forum for Members to consult on matters of common concern with regard to the protection and improvement of the environment of the South Pacific region and, in particular, to further the purposes of SPREP;
Art.3.3.b (b) to approve and review the Action Plan for SPREP and to determine the general policies of SPREP;
Art.3.3.c (c) to adopt the report of the Director on the operation of SPREP;
Art.3.3.d (d) to adopt the work programmes of SPREP and review progress in their implementation;
Art.3.3.e (e) to adopt the Budget estimates of SPREP;
Art.3.3.f (f) to make recommendations to Members;
Art.3.3.g (g) to appoint the Director;
Art.3.3.h (h) to give directions to the Director concerning the implementation of the Work Programme;
Art.3.3.h.i (i) to approve rules and conditions for the appointment of the staff of the Secretariat; and
Art.3.3 (j) to carry out such other functions as are specified in this Agreement or are necessary for the effective functioning of SPREP.
Art.3.4 4. The SPREP Meeting may establish such committees and sub-committees and other subsidiary bodies as it considers necessary.
Art.3.5 5. In addition to the functions referred to in paragraph (3) of this Article, the SPREP Meeting shall, through such mechanisms as it considers appropriate, consult and co-operate with the Meetings of Parties to:
Art.3.5.a (a) the Convention on Conservation of Nature in the South Pacific adopted at Apia on 12 June 1976;
Art.3.5.b (b) the Convention for the Protection of the Natural Resources and Environment of the South Pacific Region adopted at Noumea on 24 November 1986 and related Protocols; and
Art.3.5.c (c) any other international or regional Agreement that may be concluded for the protection of the environment of the South Pacific region,
Art.3.5.dx with a view to ensuring the achievement of the purpose of SPREP and of this Agreement and facilitating the achievement of the purposes of those Conventions.
Art.5 Article 5
Art.5.1 1. The Budget estimates for SPREP shall be prepared by the Director.
Art.5.2 2. Adoption of the Budget of SPREP and determination of all other questions relating to the Budget shall be by consensus.
Art.5.3 3. The SPREP Meeting shall adopt financial regulations for the administration of SPREP. Such regulations may authorise SPREP to accept contributions from private and public sources.
Art.8 Article 8
Art.8.1 1. SPREP shall have such legal personality as is necessary for it to carry out its functions and responsibilities and, in particular, shall have the capacity to contract, to acquire and dispose of moveable and immoveable property and to sue and be sued.
Art.8.2 2. SPREP, its officers and employees, together with representatives to the SPREP Meeting, shall enjoy such privileges and immunities necessary for the fulfillment of their functions, as may be agreed between SPREP and the Party in whose territory the Secretariat is located, and as may be provided by other Parties.
Art.11 Article 11
Art.11.1 1. Any Party may propose amendments to this Agreement for consideration by the SPREP Meeting. The text of any amendment shall be circulated to Members no less than six months in advance of the Meeting at which it is to be considered.
Art.11.2 2. An amendment shall be adopted at a SPREP Meeting by consensus of all Parties attending the SPREP Meeting and shall enter into force thirty days after the receipt by the Depositary of instruments of ratification, acceptance or approval of that amendment by all Parties.
Art.11.3 3. Any Party to this Agreement may withdraw from this Agreement by giving written notice to the Depositary. Withdrawal shall take effect one year after receipt of such notice by the Depositary.