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Paragraphs in "Agreement On Joint Activities In Addressing The Aral Sea And The Zone Around The Sea Crisis, Improving The Environment, And Ensuring The Social And Economic Development Of The Aral Sea Region" coded as DESCR

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Pre.1 Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Republic of Uzbekistan, hereinafter referred to as states-participants:
Pre.2 Taking into account the global character of the Aral Sea designation and the associated deterioration of the environment in the zone close to the Sea, as well as the overall ecological crisis resulting from the deficit of water resources in the basin;
Pre.3 Realizing the danger of the process taking place to the health and well-being of the people in the region, and its negative impact on the environment in other regions, the air basin balance, the economic development and basic functioning of the Aral region countries;
Pre.4 Recognizing the necessity and urgency of uniting material and financial resources in order to overcome the crisis through an environmental safety system in the region, primarily in the zone around the Sea;
Pre.5 Confirming their commitment to the international water law principles, respecting the mutual interests of each of the sovereign states-participants of this Agreement in the matters of usage and protection of water resources in the basin, proceeding from the necessity of preserving the Sea;
Pre.6 Agreed upon the following: