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Paragraphs in "Establishment Agreement For The Center For International Forestry Research" coded as ATTACH

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Art.1.1x There shall be established an independent international organization entitled the "Center for International Forestry Research" (hereinafter referred to as "CIFOR" or "the Center") which shall operate in accordance with the Constitution appended hereto and forming an integral part of this Agreement.
Art.2.1x The Parties shall not be under any obligation to provide financial support to CIFOR beyond voluntary contributions. The Parties shall not be under any responsibility, individually or collectively, for any debts, liabilities or obligations of the Center. Financing of the Center's activities shall be undertaken pursuant to Article 17 of the Constitution.
Art.4.1 1. This Agreement and the Constitution appended hereto shall enter into force upon signature by three States[1]. The three original signatories to this Agreement shall thereafter be referred to as "the sponsors".
Art.5.1x The amendment of this Agreement and fundamental provisions of the Constitution (as defined in Article 21 of the Constitution) shall be subject to the approval of the Parties to this Agreement. Such proposed amendments shall, following approval by the Board, be conveyed to Parties to this Agreement and shall enter into force 30 days after receipt by the Depositary of instruments of acceptance of the amendment from all Parties to this Agreement.
Art.7.1x The authentic text of the p resent Agreement, including the Constitution appended thereto, shall be in the English language.