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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The Establishment Of The Near East Plant Protection Organization" coded as ATTACH

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Art.6.1x.a (a) those States specified in Annex I to this Agreement which ratify or accede to this Agreement in accordance with Article XIX.1;
Art.6.1x.b (b) those States not specified in Annex I which are admitted to membership in accordance with Article XIX.5.
Art.17.5 5. Without prejudice to paragraphs 3 and 4, the host State undertakes to accord the privileges, immunities and facilities set out in Annex II to this Agreement.
Art.19.1 1. The States specified in Annex I may become parties to this Agreement by:
Art.19.2 2. This Agreement shall be open for signature by the States specified in Annex I in Rabat, on the 18th of February 1993 and thereafter at the Headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome.
Art.19.4 4. This Agreement shall enter into force, with respect to all States that have ratified it or acceded to it, on the date when instruments of ratification or accession have been deposited by the Governments of at least ten of the States specified in Annex I. Any other State specified in Annex I shall become a party to this Agreement on the date of the deposit of its instrument of ratification or accession.
Art.19.5 5. At any time after the entry into force of this Agreement, any State which is not specified in Annex I may notify the Director- General of FAO of its desire to become a Member of the Organization. The notification shall be accompanied by an instrument of accession, whereby the State consents to be bound by the provisions of this Agreement as from the date of its admission. The Director-General of FAO shall transmit copies of the said notification and instrument to the Governing Council, through the Executive Director of the Near East Plant Protection Organization. If, by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast, the Governing Council decides to admit the State, the latter's accession shall take effect on the date of that decision, which shall promptly be notified to the Director-General of FAO.
Art.20.4 4. Annex II to this Agreement may be amended only in the manner provided for therein.
Art.23.1.a (a) send certified copies of this Agreement to the Governments of the States specified in Annex I, and to any other government which so requests;
Art.23.1.c (c) inform the States specified in Annex I and any State that has been admitted to membership of the Organization of:
Art.24.1x Annexes I and II shall constitute an integral part of this Agreement.