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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The Establishment Of The Near East Plant Protection Organization" coded as DESCR

Label Provision
Pre.2 The Contracting Parties,
Pre.3 Recognizing the usefulness of international co-operation in controlling pests of plants and plant products and in preventing their spread, and especially their introduction across national boundaries, and desiring to ensure close co-ordination of measures directed to these ends;
Pre.4 Considering that the implementation and success of such co- operation can be greatly enhanced and facilitated through regional bodies such as those already established in most regions of the world;
Pre.5 Considering that the co-operation in the Near East Region can best be achieved through the establishment of a Regional Plant Protection Organization carrying out its activities in collaboration with all countries and all governmental and non-governmental organizations and agencies that may be able to provide financial and/or technical support;
Pre.6 Noting that Article VIII of the International Plant Protection Convention approved by the Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) at its Sixth Session, on 6 December 1951 and revised by the Twentieth Session of the FAO Conference in November 1979, provides that the contracting parties to the International Plant Protection Convention undertake to co-operate with one another in organizations in establishing regional plant protection appropriate areas;
Pre.7 Have agreed as follows: