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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The Establishment Of The Near East Plant Protection Organization" coded as REVW

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Art.10.1 1. The functions of the Governing Council shall be to:
Art.10.1.a (a) review the report and the recommendations submitted to it by the Executive Committee on the work of the Organization since its preceding regular session;
Art.10.1.b (b) determine the policy of the Organization and approve its programme of work and budget;
Art.10.1.c (c) determine the contributions of Member States as provided in Article XVI.3;
Art.10.1.d (d) adopt harmonized standards, guidelines and recommendations regarding plant protection;
Art.10.1.e (e) lay down general principles for the management and development of the Organization;
Art.10.1.f (f) review the report on the work of the Organization and the audited accounts referred to in Article XV.3(a) ;
Art.10.1.g (g) adopt the Financial Regulations and the Administrative Regulations of the Organization, and appoint auditors;
Art.10.1.h (h) elect the members of the Executive Committee referred to in Article XIII.1;
Art.10.1.i (i) appoint the Executive Director of the Organization in accordance with Article XV.1;
Art.10.1.j (j) admit States to membership in accordance with Article XIX.5;
Art.10.1.k (k) adopt amendments to this Agreement in accordance with Article XX;
Art.10.1.l (l) adopt rules governing the arbitration of disputes;
Art.10.1.m (m) approve formal arrangements with other organizations or institutions referred to in Article XVIII and with governments, including any headquarters agreement concluded between the Organization and the State in which the seat of the Organization is situated (hereinafter referred to as "the host State") ;
Art.10.1.n (n) decide on the creation of any subsidiary body which may be necessary or useful for the carrying out of the functions of the Organization and their dissolution when appropriate;
Art.10.1.o (o) adopt Staff Regulations determining the general terms and conditions of employment of the staff; and
Art.10.1.p (p) perform all other functions that have been entrusted to it by this Agreement or that are necessary or useful to carry out the Organization's activities.
Art.10.2 2. The Governing Council may, within the limits determined by it, delegate any matter coming within its functions to the Executive Committee, with the exception, however, of the functions specified in sub-paragraphs (a), (b), (c), (d), (h), (i), (j) and (k) of paragraph 1.
Art.13.1 1. The Organization shall have an Executive Committee composed of the Chairman, elected as provided for in Article IX.5, and of designated representatives of six Member States elected by the Governing Council.
Art.13.2 2. The six Member States referred to in paragraph 1 shall be elected with due regard to the agro-climatic diversity of the Region and the principle of rotation among Member States at each regular session of the Governing Council, for terms of two years. However, at the first regular session of the Governing Council, three of the six Member States shall be elected for terms of three years. At subsequent regular sessions, the Governing Council shall specify the commencement of the two-year term to be served by each of the six Member States elected at the session concerned. Any vacancy in the Committee occurring in the period between elections shall be filled by another Member State co-opted, with its concurrence, by the remaining members. The State co-opted shall be a member of the Executive Committee until the end of the term of the State that it is replacing.
Art.13.3 3. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year at such time as it shall determine. Special sessions of the Executive Committee may be convened at the request of the Chairman or of a majority of its members. Sessions of the Executive Committee shall normally be held at the seat of the Organization.
Art.13.4 4. With the exception of the Chairman, who is elected by the Governing Council, as provided for in paragraph 5 of Article IX, the Executive Committee shall, at the annual session provided for in paragraph 3 of this Article, elect its officers from among its members. The officers shall hold office until the next annual session. The Executive Committee shall adopt its own rules of procedure. All decisions shall be taken by a simple majority of the votes cast. A simple majority of the members shall constitute a quorum.
Art.13.5 5. The Governing Council may establish rules whereby the chairman may consult the members of the Executive Committee to correspondence or other rapid means of communication, should matters of exceptional urgency requiring action by the Committee arise between two of the Committee's sessions.
Art.13.6 6. The Executive Committee shall:
Art.13.6.a (a) review the activities of the Organization;
Art.13.6.b (b) make recommendations to the Governing Council on any matters relevant to the Council's functions;
Art.13.6.c (c) give guidance to the Executive Director of the Organization on the implementation of the policy and decisions adopted by the Governing Council;
Art.13.6.d (d) carry out any other functions entrusted to it by this Agreement or delegated to it by the Governing Council pursuant to Article X.2; and
Art.13.6.e (e) establish specialized working groups in order to meet particular situations, when required.
Art.13.7 7. At each session the Executive Committee shall adopt a report which shall be submitted to the Governing Council.