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Paragraphs in "Agreement On The Establishment Of The Near East Plant Protection Organization" coded as SECF

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Art.12.1x The Executive Director may invite, subject to the approval of the Governing Council, non-member States, organizations and institutions that are able to make a significant contribution to the activities of the Organization to be represented at sessions of the Governing Council as observers.
Art.15.0x The Executive Director and Staff
Art.15.1 1. The Organization shall have an Executive Director appointed by the Governing Council on such conditions as it may determine.
Art.15.2 2. The Executive Director shall be the legal representative of the Organization. He shall direct the work of the Organization in accordance with the policy and decisions adopted by the Governing Council and under the guidance of the Executive Committee.
Art.15.3 3. TheExecutive Director shall, through the Executive Committee, submit to the Governing Council at each regular session:
Art.15.3.a (a) a report on the work of the Organization as well as the audited accounts; and
Art.15.3.b (b) a draft programme of work of the Organization and a draft budget for the following financial period.
Art.15.4 4. The Executive Director shall:
Art.15.4.a (a) prepare and organize the sessions of the Governing Council and the Executive Committee and all other meetings of the Organization and shall provide the Secretariat therefore;
Art.15.4.b (b) ensure co-ordination among Members of the Organization;
Art.15.4.c (c) organize conferences, symposia, regional training programmes and other meetings in accordance with the approved programme of work;
Art.15.4.d (d) initiate proposals for joint action programmes with regional and other international bodies;
Art.15.4.e (e) be responsible for the management of the Organization;
Art.15.4.f (f) ensure the publication of research findings, training manuals, information print-outs and other materials as required;
Art.15.4.g (g) take action on other matters consistent with the objectives of the Organization; and
Art.15.4.h (h) perform any other function as may be specified by the Governing Council.
Art.15.5 5. The Executive Director shall be assisted by a Deputy Executive Director, appointed by him with the approval of the Executive Committee.
Art.15.6 6. The Deputy Executive Director and the other staff members of the Organization shall be appointed by the Executive Director of the Organization in accordance with the policy and principles laid down by the Governing Council and in accordance with the Staff Regulations. The Executive Director shall promulgate Staff Rules, as required, to implement the foregoing.
Art.16.1 1. The resources of the Organization shall include:
Art.16.1.a (a) the annual contributions of the Member States of the Organization;
Art.16.1.b (b) revenue obtained from the provision of services against payment;
Art.16.1.c (c) gifts, legacies, grants and any other form of donation, from any source, approved by the Executive Committee, provided that acceptance of such donation is compatible with the objectives of the Organization;
Art.16.1.d (d) the proceeds from the investment of liquid assets or part thereof;
Art.16.1.e (e) such other resources as are approved by the Executive Committee and compatible with the objectives of the Organization.
Art.16.2 2. The Member States of the Organization undertake to pay annual contributions in freely convertible currencies to the regular budget of the Organization.
Art.16.3 3. At each regular session the Governing Council of the Organization shall by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast, or by consensus when it is possible, determine the aggregate amount of contributions for the following biennium. The Governing Council shall apportion that amount on the basis of the rates at which the Member States contribute under the United Nations scale of assessments in force at the time.
Art.16.4 4. To determine the annual contribution of each Member State, the amount apportioned to it shall be divided into two equal instalments, one of which shall be payable at the beginning of the first year of the biennium and the other at the beginning of the second year.
Art.16.5 5. A Member State which is in arrears in the payment of its contribution to the Organization shall have no vote in the Governing Council and in the Executive Committee if the amount of its arrears equals or exceeds the amount of the contributions due from it for the two preceding calendar years. The Governing Council may, nevertheless, permit such a Member to vote in the Governing Council and in the Executive Committee if it is satisfied that the failure to pay was due to conditions beyond the control of the Member State.
Art.18.1x The Organization may co-operate with other intergovernmental organizations or institutions. To this end, the Executive Director, acting under the authority of the Governing Council may establish working relationships with such organizations or institutions, and make any arrangements that may be necessary to ensure effective co-operation. Any formal arrangements entered into with such organizations and institutions shall be subject to the approval of the Governing Council.