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Paragraphs in "Cooperation Agreement On The Forecast, Prevention And Mitigation Of Natural And Technological Disasters" coded as EIF

Label Provision
Art.9 Article 9
Art.9.1x The Contracting Parties to this Agreement will notify the Depository through diplomatic channels that this Agreement has been approved in accordance with their respective national legislations.
Art.9.2x This Agreement will enter into force on the first day of the month following the expiration of a period of three months after the data on which the their Contracting Party has notified the Depository that the Agreement has been approved according to its national legislation.
Art.9.3x This Agreement enters into force only among the Contracting Parties that have given the above notification to the Depository.
Art.10 Article 10
Art.10.1x This Agreement has an unlimited duration.
Art.10.2x A Contracting Party wishing to withdraw from this Agreement will notify this decision to the Depository.
Art.10.3x The withdrawing State will cease to be a Contracting Party six months after the notification has been received by the Depository.
Art.10.4x The Depository will inform the other Contracting Parties of the withdrawal, which will only affect the relationship between the withdrawing State and the other Contracting Parties.
Art.11 Article 11
Art.11.1x Every other State, member of the Central European Initiative – aiming at a better regional cooperation among the Governments enumerated in the Preamble to this Agreement – can accede to this Agreement by informing the Depository in writing of its intention to accede, subject to the consent of all the Contracting Parties.
Art.11.2x The accession will come into effect in compliance with the procedures set out in Article 9 which apply to the Contracting Parties.
Art.11.3x The Depository will transmit a certified copy of the document of accession to the Government of each signatory State as well as to the Governments of the States that have acceded to this Agreement later.